Teacher Vs Student Poetry

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Teacher Vs Student Poetry

  • The battle began,
    in the very first class.
    The teacher’s advantage,
    knowledge of mass.
    The student was young,
    ambitious and quick.
    Challenged the teacher,
    to sports with a stick.
    Hockey and baseball,
    victory was clear.
    First point for the student,
    they started to cheer.
    The teacher fought back,
    with knowledge from books.
    One point in science,
    through the student’s blank looks.
    The battle commenced,
    in the valley of art.
    Which masterpiece,
    would just stand apart?
    At the end of the day,
    both were below swell.
    The audience left,
    as they heard the school bell.

  • Teachers are dedicated,
    to our education.
    This is their passion,
    and our liberation.
    Their sincere kindness,
    warm feelings, it brings.
    They guide and protect us,
    under their wings.
    They show us patience,
    and readily spread.
    Their helpful advice,
    fills us like bread.
    They don’t just instruct,
    but encourage and believe,
    That there’s nothing out there,
    we cannot achieve.
    They think about,
    our future all the time.
    Work tirelessly to direct us,
    away from conflicts and crime.
    At the end of the day,
    teachers do understand.
    It takes both tools and love,
    For our young minds to expand.

  • You have been a teacher,
    that I truly admire.
    In so many ways,
    you constantly inspire.
    Taught me the importance,
    of a life filled with books.
    And never to judge one,
    by its cover or looks.
    I’ve learned to apply,
    the knowledge I read.
    The lessons you taught me,
    shall help me succeed.
    You’ve always been,
    thoughtful and nice.
    Willing to help,
    through your personal advice.
    With certain questions,
    you taught me to adapt and adjust.
    In my abilities,
    you continuously show trust.
    You’re a wonderful teacher,
    and you really stand out.
    You’re my very favorite,
    without any doubt.

  • Today is your day,
    and we’d like to thank.
    We won’t misbehave,
    nor pull a new prank.
    We’re extremely grateful,
    for all the things that you do.
    We appreciate and acknowledge,
    as we look through your view.
    Sometimes we don’t listen,
    while you repeatedly explain.
    We’re sorry for our insincerity,
    and for causing you pain.
    You’ve shown us the importance,
    with effort to strive.
    For knowledge and success,
    and not just survive.
    We would like to add,
    from our hearts we really care.
    You mean a lot to us,
    you’re beautifully rare.
    Happy Teacher’s Day,
    to a special teacher like you.
    With your wisdom you guide us,
    to a life that is humble and true.

  • Thank you, teacher,
    for being my life’s role model.
    When I consider all you’ve taught me
    and reflect on the kind of person you are,
    I want to be like you—
    smart, interesting and engaging,
    positive, confident, yet unpretentious.
    I want to be like you—
    well-informed and easy to understand,
    thinking with your heart as well as your head,
    gently nudging us to do our best,
    with sensitivity and insight.
    I want to be like you—
    giving your time, energy and talent
    to ensure the brightest possible future
    for each of us.
    Thank you, teacher
    For giving me a goal to shoot for:
    I want to be like you!

  • I have had nowhere to turn
    I had a lot to learn
    not just about math science and English
    about life
    But you listen and never told
    I have never known what that felt like before
    I remember when I would sit and sob on the floor
    Then you came and guided me
    Too bad this is my last year at this school
    Seems just like yesterday I walked into your 7th grade class
    Boy that was a blast
    Too bad walking down the hall will be my last
    But now I’m going to 9th grade
    going to a whole new school
    But I will always keep that simple rule
    live your life
    But when I walk into that brand new place
    I always remember your sweet smiling face
    the face that gave me strength and courage
    to keep going keep moving don’t let anything stop me
    I hope this doesn’t mean that we can never talk
    I hope we keep in touch
    so I won’t end up alone
    sitting on the floor again
    and all I could do was moan
    So thank you for being my friend
    I am so sad that our trust may have to end

  • Today seems normal,
    like any random day.
    On this white piece of paper,
    a few thoughts I shall say.
    Allow me to express,
    my sincerest appreciation.
    You play a big role,
    in my evolving education.
    Teachers like you,
    are far and few in between.
    Your positive outlook,
    is like pastures of green.
    You always encourage me,
    and go way beyond.
    For all your dedication,
    I thankfully respond.
    I know today is another,
    normal and random day.
    But my gratitude and appreciation,
    I just wanted to convey.

  • A teacher is like Spring,
    Who nurtures new green sprouts,
    Encourages and leads them,
    Whenever they have doubts.
    A teacher is like Summer,
    Whose sunny temperament
    Makes studying a pleasure,
    Preventing discontent.
    A teacher is like Fall,
    With methods crisp and clear,
    Lessons of bright colors
    And a happy atmosphere.
    A teacher is like Winter,
    While it’s snowing hard outside,
    Keeping students comfortable,
    As a warm and helpful guide.
    Teacher, you do all these things,
    With a pleasant attitude;
    You’re a teacher for all seasons,
    And you have my gratitude!

  • If I could teach you, teacher,
    I’d teach you how much more
    you have accomplished
    than you think you have.
    I’d show you the seeds
    you planted years ago
    that are now coming into bloom.
    I’d reveal to you the young minds
    that have expanded under your care,
    the hearts that are serving others
    because they had you as a role model.
    If I could teach you, teacher,
    I’d show you the positive effect
    you have had on me and my life.
    Your homework is
    to know your value to the world,
    to acknowledge it, to believe it.
    Thank you, teacher.

  • Teachers open up young minds,
    showing them the wonders of the intellect
    and the miracle
    of being able to think for themselves.
    A teacher exercises
    the mental muscles of students,
    stretching and strengthening,
    so they can make challenging decisions,
    find their way in the world,
    and become independent.
    The best teachers care enough
    To gently push and prod students
    to do their best
    and fulfill their potential.
    You are one of those.
    Thank you.