12 Rabi Ul Awal Poetry

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12 Rabi Ul Awal Poetry




  • A Baskit Is
    Full Of
    Blesings &


    Happy 12
    Rabiul Awwal..!

  • The Prophet’s P.B.U.H Birthday is a
    Moment to Rededicate Ourselves
    To the Ideals for Which HE Lived HIS Life.
    He gave us The Message of Compassion Towards All Fellow Beings.
    May His Enlightened Message
    Guide us on the Path of Peace,
    Goodwill & Harmony.

    Here’s wishing that the wonderful deeds of the Prophet, Touch your life
    And inspire you to make your life more beautiful

    Happy 12 RABI UL AWAL

  • May Allah this occasion flood your life with happiness

    ur heart with love

    ur soul with spirtual

    ur mind with wisdom

    wishing u a very Happy Eid Milad Un Nabi

    Happy Rabi ul awal

  • Hope Mawlid al-Nabi brings you the gift of happiness and blessings today and always !
    Happy Mawlid al-Na

  • On this auspicious Occasion of Mawlid al-Nabi in wishing that your home and heart is blessed by the Prophet with love peace and Prosperity.Rabi-ul-awal

  • Hajj (pilgrimage of Ka’ba in Mecca) made Obligatory by Allah, Interest is prohibited in Islam

    Deputation Tai, Hamadan, Bani Asad and Bani Abbas, all accept Islam, Deputation from Ghuttan accepts Islam

    Departure from Medina for Mecca for Hajjatul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage)

    Entry into Mecca for Hajjatul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage)

    Hajjatul-Wida, departure for ‘Arafat, Farewell Sermon Received the last revelation from Allah

    Return from Mana, Hajjatul-Wida

    Arrival of deputations from Nakha’ Last deputation received by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him

  • Revelation for Hijab, rules of modesty

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Ahzab or Khandaq (Ditch)

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Quraiza

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Lahyan

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Dhi Qard or Ghaiba

    Treaty of Hudaibiyya

    Prohibition of Marriage with non-believers

    Marriage with Hadrat Habiba, may Allah be pleased with her

    Invitation sent to various rulers to accept Islam

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Khaibar Return of Muslims from Abyssinia. Marriage with Hadrat Safiyya, may Allah be pleased with
    her. Ghazwa (Battle) of Wadiyul-Qura and Taim.

    Performance of Umra (Umratul-Qada) Marriage with Hadrat Maimuna, may Allah be pleased with her

    Hadrat Khalid bin Walid and Hadrat Umar bin Al-‘Aas, may Allah be pleased with both, accept Islam

  • Ghazwa of Muta

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Mecca and Fall of Mecca

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Hunain (or Autas or Hawazan) and Ghazwa (Battle) of Ta’if

    Arrival in Ja’rana Deputation from Hawazan accepts Islam

    Regular establishment of Department of Zakat (Alms) and Sadaqa (Charity), and appointment of administrative officers

    Deputation from Ghadra accepts Islam

    Deputation from Balli accepts Islam

    Ummul-Muminin Hadrat Mariya, may Allah be pleased with her, gave birth to a son, Hadrat Ibrahim, may Allah be
    pleased with him

    Ghazwa (Battle) of Tabuk, the last great battle lead by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him

    Ordinance of Jizya, tax on non-believers seeking protection from Muslims and exemption from military service in defense
    of the country they were living in as its citizens

    Pilgrimage journey of Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique, may Allah be pleased with him