Exam Success Poetry

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Exam Success Poetry

  • I know you are well prepared
    Your exams will be a piece of a cake
    I really hope you do well
    In all the papers that you take
    Burn the midnight oil
    Study hard and toil
    Give exams your best try
    So you can break free and fly
    Good luck

  • The going will be tough
    For the next few days
    But you will rough it out
    With your incredible ways
    No matter how hard
    All the questions are
    I am sure you will ace them
    Like a super star
    You are bound to emerge
    As the triumphant winner
    Take your exams head on
    Without any fear

  • Stop wasting time on Facebook
    Get back to your studies
    If you don’t stop tweeting now
    Your exams won’t be a breeze
    Get back to your books and journals
    Read, rote, understand or cram
    Do whatever it takes
    To ace your exams

  • Everyone hopes and prays for the best
    But it seems only few are prepared
    For me, I believe in myself and our crest
    That all weaken bones shall be repaired
    So before I set off to the Exams Hall
    I said this prayer loud and clear
    To the Father, never to let me fall
    But hold me strong along every gear
    With gifts of wisdom and understanding
    I pray my head be filled to the very brim
    That when I come to the final landing
    You’d rejoice with me beyond the rim

  • Tough and obstinate
    Exams never go away
    Difficult and annoying
    They are here to stay
    Boring and tedious
    They will always seem
    For them to get over
    You will always dream
    So instead of wailing
    Whining, continuously
    Just focus on doing well
    To prove yourself worthy
    Best of Luck

  • Exam fear will go away
    Nervous jitters will not stay
    Anxiety will now be gone
    Say goodbye to being forlorn
    Now you won’t forget your stuff
    Your exams won’t seem tough
    Breaking into sweats will be history
    Now that you have good wishes from me

  • No matter how tough
    You exams might be
    You are the student who can
    Breeze through them easily
    No matter how uncertain
    You are about your D-Day
    You have the ability to
    Manage it well in every way
    No matter how unexpected
    The paper seems this year
    I’m sure you will do great
    Now that my good wishes are here

  • Exams are like demons
    If you shy away from them
    They will keep scaring you
    And continue to overwhelm
    They best way to deal with this
    Is to face them in the eye
    With a killer attitude
    That shouts, never say die
    So muster up some courage
    Don’t let the stress dictate
    That is how you’ll win yourself
    A reason to celebrate

  • Life itself is a test
    Hardly an easy feat
    In comparison I’m sure
    Your exams are easier to beat
    Life is the biggest challenge
    Every day to face
    This is just one of the few
    Obstacles in the race
    I wish you good luck
    In acing this exam and more
    I wish that in everything
    You rise above and soar
    Good Luck

  • I know that you have
    Focus and ability
    I know that you have
    Patience and stability
    Your personality has
    These wonderful virtues
    For your big exams
    I wish luck to you