Easter Day Poems

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Easter day

  • On Easter we celebrate love,
    love coming down from heaven,
    love blanketing the earth
    in a transforming embrace;
    unique and infinite love,
    giving more than we can imagine
    for us, to cleanse our sin,
    a perfect sacrifice, Lamb of God,
    the walking, talking Word.
    He is teacher, role model, friend,
    this God in human form,
    dying, then rising from the dead,
    proving all who believe
    will also rise
    to have eternal life, with Him,
    Lord of all.
    Oh, Happy, Happy Easter!
  • This Life on EarthEaster means that this life on earth
    is not all there is.
    Jesus went “to prepare a place for us”
    in His Father’s heavenly mansions
    for all eternity.
    Jesus died for our sins,
    paying our penalty,
    so that we could be forgiven.
    He was resurrected, to prove
    that death has no hold
    on those who repent
    and accept Him as Savior.
    This life on earth is a prelude
    to eternal joy with our Lord.
    Easter is a celebration
    of our eternal destiny.
  • Without Easter,
    there would be no hope of heaven.
    Without the hope of heaven,
    there would be no repentance,
    no personal transformation,
    no attempt to follow biblical principles.
    Without Easter,
    the world would be in chaos
    and darkness.
    Jesus’ death and resurrection
    means we can be reborn,
    to live better, to do better,
    to shine light into the shadows.
    Happy, Happy Easter.
  • A final belch of fire like blood,
    Overbroke all, next, in one flood
    Of doom. Then fire was sky, and sky
    Was fire, and both, one extasy,
    Then ashes. But I heard no noise
    (Whatever was) because a Voice
    Beside me spoke thus, “All is done,
    “Time end’s, Eternity’s begun,
    “And thou art judged for evermore!”
  •   ‘How? Is mine,
    ‘The world?’ (I cried, while my soul broke
    Out in a transport) ‘Hast thou spoke
    ‘Plainly in that? Earth’s exquisite
    ‘Treasures of wonder and delight,
    ‘For me?’