Religion Poems

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Religion Poems

  • Love is the religion of man,
    There is no greater religion than love.
    It’s peace and forgiveness losing hope,
    With battles fought the Holocaust is gore.
    Our forefathers fought for peace, for freedom,
    Crying in their graves they feel helpless,
    Their children don’t respect their freedom,
    ‘Cause hatred has filled their blood.
    Destroying the world there is no remorse,
    When was the last time, time was spent in appreciation,
    Appreciation of what we have, what God has given us,
    The seven colored wonder, the blooming flowers,
    The flowing rivers, the vastness of the oceans.
    The paradise, it is being lost,
    The Lord’s dream is being lost.
    He quietly looks down from the heavens above,
    With tears in his eyes, his children killing each other.

  • When your heart is tired
    And your soul is weak
    Look to God
    He’ll help you see
    That life has reason
    And life has rhyme
    Though we don’t see it
    All of the time

  • God will
    Be your friend
    When you’re feeling sad and low
    God will dry your eyes
    And softly remind you
    That he loves you so

  • When the day gets off to a happy start
    and you have so much to give
    from the bottom of your heart

    When your world is filled with
    friends who truly care
    and all your dreams come true
    because you took a dare

  • I have no objection to any person’s religion,
    be it what it may,
    so long as that person does not kill or insult any other person,
    because that other person don’t believe it also.
    But when a man’s religion becomes really frantic;
    when it is a positive torment to him;
    and, in fine, makes this earth of ours an uncomfortable
    inn to lodge in; then I think it high time to take that
    individual aside and argue the point with him.

  • So much has religion done for me;
    turning the original materials to the best account;
    pruning and training nature.
    But she could not eradicate nature:
    nor will it be eradicated
    till this mortal shall put on immortality.

  • Government oppressed the body of the wage-slave,
    but religion oppressed his mind,
    and poisoned the stream of progress at its source.
    The workingman was to fix his hopes upon a future life,
    while his pockets were picked in this one.

  • i want to eat you alive
    you say it so soft it’s like a whispered prayer
    i would let you
    you can break my skin with your teeth
    (partake of the flesh)
    you can drain the color from my veins
    (partake of the blood)
    so long as you keep the faith
    in your new-found religion

  • You make me feel religious
    Your face makes me feel blessed
    As I bring my hands together
    And thank the lord
    For my perfect soul-mate
    And for bringing my life together

    I’m a demon
    In an angels care
    Revelations couldn’t predict this
    Her beauty is so fair
    When she gives me that look
    I feel my anger wear
    I give you my prayer

  • I wish I discovered religion
    Like how I accidentally discovered orgasm
    That way I’ll be fucking addicted to it

    I wish I wasn’t made to study religion
    But learn about how God loves me
    That way, my knowledge for his love
    Would supercede the doctrines and rules

    I can’t be an atheist
    But I deeply don’t love him like I should
    I want to but I don’t want to study his love