Picture Poems

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Picture Poems

  • This picture I see is all crumbled up and odd,
    it is contorted and blurry.
    The meaning behind it I feel is lost.
    There are a couple stains on it
    and it was hidden between pages
    in an old, forgotten photo album.
    The kid in the picture smiles,
    but I start to wonder why.
    This picture makes me feel uncomfortable
    and I want to tear it up.
    It’d all feel better if that film wasn’t wasted
    and that picture was never taken.
    I love looking at pictures of myself.

  • I believe that a word paints a thousand pictures.
    making you feel,
    if not many things,
    at least something

    Believe that a word paints a thousand pictures.
    it is more than it seems
    when said
    more powerful than it looks like
    when written

    A word paints a thousand pictures.
    helping you feel,
    creating something
    this world has never seen

    …..or felt.

  • The warmth of spring as winter fades
    Brings excitement to the air
    As lovers walk hand in hand
    A picture perfect time of year

    We watch as flowers blossom
    See new colors on the trees
    We hear the birds now singing
    And it brings an inner peace

    Cold and snow just a memory
    Of the season that has passed
    Looking forward to the days to come
    Taking time to love and laugh

    The true beauty of this season
    Is the new love we feel within
    Each day a fresh reminder
    Of a time when life begins

    The warmth of spring as winter fades
    Brings excitement to the air
    As lovers walk hand in hand
    A picture perfect time of year

  • Blurry pictures,

    though hard to deceifer,

    tell more than the clearer copy.

    Blurry pictures show that life,

    though chaotic,

    is truly beautiful.

    Blurry pictures show the real and raw reality.

  • Sit pretty

    Smile wide

    Even though

    You’re dead inside

    Take a breath

    And force them down

    All your emotions

    Till you drown

    Only then will they all see

    How picture perfect I could be

  • When the blood runs ice cold
    and the skin rots away the bold
    and fires flare and burn the old
    the newness grows like mold

    The antigens begin again
    and corrode away the day
    parading their posse, awfully
    in real time

    Picture perfect

    The pioneers rest again
    lasted and casted
    forces and spells
    friction and contradiction, expelled
    and we then drink water from the old dried well

  • Broken beyond repair
    Someone call the doctor
    The lights slowly dimming
    The picture fading

    Fearing this is the end
    She looks in the mirror
    hoping to see a smiling face,
    but staring back was the cracked
    image of what was

    Broken beyond repair
    Those lights now a soft glow
    of yesterday
    That beautiful picture now

  • I saw you in a picture today,

    A Family Christmas Card.

    Your face looks like mine
    you can see it in the eyes
    especially when you smile.

    He’s smiling
    Holding you in his arms
    like you belong there

    She’s holding your brother
    like she held you
    in the few pictures we took


    But there’s something
    not quite right
    with this picture.

    You can see it in your eyes,
    especially when you smile.

    Some things will
    never be

  • I’m going crazy.
    I really am.
    Everyone else is happy.
    But I’m just pretending.
    I can’t be strong anymore
    Its so hard…
    I keep everything in.
    But how long?
    How much longer?

    I just want to cry.

    No ones here for me anymore.
    Or maybe they were never there.

  • I think I like pictures

    Because they’re like dreams

    Of this perfect world

    Of more than it seems

    You can sense the emotion

    The intangible rapture

    When they saw something beautiful

    That they needed to capture