Teacher Day Poems

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  • In every school, to every student
    There’s a special teacher.
    To every teacher, to every student
    There’s a special bond.
    To every bond to every moment
    There’s a special time that we’ll think
    Back and say to ourselfs “That teacher
    Really cared!”
    If you know that teacher cares
    You’re life will brighten up.
    Cause now you know that
    If you fall, that same special teacher
    Will come and help you up.

  • Small kids are like seeds
    Teachers plant them in the soil.
    Each one of takes patience,
    To Nurture and toil.
    You are such a great teacher.
    You did your job so well,
    Planting the seeds of learning and knowledge.
    Just lookat all of us and tell.
    Now teacher plant these new seeds
    And over each of one fuss,
    So the seeds will grow up bright
    To remind you all of us!

  • Teachers change lives.
    Being the right person at
    the right time may be enough
    to change a person’s life forever.
    Human beings are constantly changing.
    Whether for the good or for the bad,
    we do not stay the same. Having a
    positive influence in the form of
    a teacher can make or break a human being.
    Years after we are out of school,
    weremember the teachers that changed
    our lives. In most cases these may
    have been the first people that believed
    in us. That experience of having an
    authority figure believe that
    we could succeed carries us forever.

  • Why God Created Teachers.
    When God Created Teachers,
    He Gave Us Special Friends
    To Help Us Understand His World
    And Truly Comprehend
    The Beauty And The Wonder
    Of Everything We See,
    And Become A Better Person
    With Each Discovery.
    When God Created Teachers,
    He Gave Us Special Guides
    To Show Us Ways In Which To Grow
    So We Can All Decide
    How To Live And How To Do
    What’s Right Instead Of Wrong,
    To Lead Us So That We Can Lead
    And Learn How To Be Strong.
    Why God Created Teachers,
    In His Wisdom And His Grace,
    Was To Help Us Learn To Make Our World
    A Better, Wiser Place.

  • I am happy that you are my teacher;
    I enjoy each lesson you teach.
    As my role model you inspire me
    To dream and to work and to reach.With your kindness you get my attention;
    Every day you are planting a seed
    Of curiosity and motivation
    To know and to grow and succeed.

    You help me fulfill my potential;
    I am thankful for all that you have done.
    I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
    As a teacher, you are number one!