Good Morning Poems

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Good Morning Poems

  • Every day bringsSo much moreTo look forward toFly high and soar

    Every moment brings

    So much delight

    Just being with you

    Makes everything feel right

    Good morning

  • I’m sure you look more beautifulThan what you did yesterdayThe sun must have made youMore radiant with every ray

    There’s yet another thing

    Of which I am sure

    Is that I am crazier

    About you, than before

    Good morning

  • I wish I could jump outOf your phone’s screenTo convey what your presenceIn my life really means

    I wish I could run over

    To your place right now

    To show my love to you

    And that I miss you and how

    I wish I could wake up

    Next to you everyday

    To wish you good morning

    Before the sun’s first ray


  • Every morning makes me feelRelaxed and calmIt’s like someone has appliedA really soothing balm

    You are the reason

    For all this tranquility

    I hope such a feeling

    You always give me

  • Good morning, my roseMy beautiful daisyWithout you each daySeems dull and dreary

    If not for your dewy eyes

    And your lovely fragrance

    There would be no

    Meaning to my existence

  • Good morning my friendIt’s a new dayI hope things get betterFor this I did pray

    May all of your problems

    Be out on their way

    On this bright morning

    That starts this new day

  • You are my rainbow,You brighten up my day.And I bless the moment,When god brought you in to my life,

    You made my love.

    As the day go on our love grow more deeper,

    May we be as one in our hearts.

    May our love always bring us to our dreams,

    And keep us together.

    Good morning my one and only!

  • Lion does not hunt,when stomach is does not search,when your care is full.

    my life is always happy,

    when you r in my memory.

    morning is beautiful,

    because my love is truth full.

    Good Morning!

  • In life, you will doAmazingly well, I knowEven then some more hopeTo you, I want to show

    May you reach heights

    That you can never imagine

    May this morning give you

    The courage to begin

    Good morning

  • I wish you a good morning as bright as your smile,And I wish you a lovely day as lovely as your heart.All the best you wish for this day, I wish you double,And my heart, in love, I give to you too. I love you.

    The memories of your laughter is more than my breakfast,

    And that of your sweet care is enough for me to have a great day.

    I stay unshakeable all because of your love,

    Thanks for being there for me my love. Good morning.