Doctor Vs Patient SMS

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Doctor Vs Patient SMS


  • The doctor told a patient that if he ran eight kilometers a day for 300 days, he would loose 34 kilos. After 300 days, the patient called the doctor to report he had lost weight, but he had a problem.
    Doctor : ‘What is the problem?’
    Patient : ‘I am 2400 kms. from home.’
  • Patient:Doctor I Have Big Problem,I Can’t See After I Close My Eyes.
    I Don’t Feel Hungry After Having Food.
    I Can’t Sleep Until I Awake.
    Doctor:Ohh… These Are Really Serious Symptoms.Go And Take Sun Bath Every Night….everything Will Be Fine..
  • Patient: Doctor, aapko yakeen hai ki mujhe Nimonia (pneumonia) hai, kyunki picchle dino ek doctor mere friend ka Namoonia ka ilaaj karta raha aur woh Typhoid se mar gaya…
    Doctor: Haan! Mujhe pura yaqeen hai ki tu nimonia se hi marega.
  • Ek admi Dr. Se-
    Aap Parchi Me Aisa Kya Likhte Ho
    jo Sirf Medical Store Wale Ko Hi Samajh Me aata hai

    Dr.: main likhta hu….
    “Maine Loot Liya Hai Tu Bhi Loot Le..”

  • A Cute Nurse came 4 the interview.
    Doctor: What salary do U expect?
    Nurse: Rs.10,000.
    Doctor was overjoyed & said: My Pleasure.
    Nurse: With Pleasure its 25,000.
  • A man to doctor:
    Is there any medicine for long life..?
    Doctor: Get married..!!
    Man: Will it help ?
    Doctor: No, but it will avoid such thoughts!!
  • Patient: I keep feeling like a Dog.
    Doctor: How long has this been going on?
    Patient: Since l was a puppy.
  • Lady Patient: Doctor! Please call my husband inside.
    Doctor: Trust me, I’m a Gentleman.
    Lady: No Doctor, Your Nurse is sitting outside & my husband is not a Gentleman….
  • Doctor: you are looking like my third wife..

    Lady: How many wives are you having

    Doctor: two…!!

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