Nurses Day SMS

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  • Happy Nurses Day – You’re making the world a better place, one patient at a time.
  • Happy Nurses Day
    To someone who seems like a beautiful song
    To someone who gives to others and cares steadfastly all year long.
  • Daughter, you have what so many only dream of intelligence, skills, kindness, and professionalism. You’re an inspiration and a gift to your patients. We are so proud of you! Happy Nurses Day
  • Having you for a loving daughter has meant the world to me. Knowing that you are just as loving and caring to your patients makes me proud beyond words. I’m thankful for the professional that you have become. Happy Nurses Day!
  • Today, right now, somewhere a nurse is making someone smile, somewhere she is easing someones pain, somewhere a nurse is making a difference. Happy Nurses Day
  • What you offer to your patients goes beyond basic care. It gets to the core of who they are and makes their journey to a healthier life more realistic and comfortable. You’re wonderful. Happy Nurses Day!
  • Your patients are so fortunate to have been cared for by you. I know this because you are one of the most caring friends that I’ve ever had. Happy Nurses Day!
  • You do more for your patients that people realize. Not only do you help them with their health issues, but you also give them the confidence and encouragement that you need to truly heal. Happy Nurses Day!
  • You understand what it takes for others to heal more than “medicine”, giving them a smile, a bit of comfort, and an encouraging word can help to bring about miracles! Happy Nurses Day!