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General SMS


  • I like 3 friends, Sun – Moon – & You.
    Sun – For the day time.
    Moon – For the night time.
    You – For the lifetime 🙂



  • Whenever you feel that nobody wants to listen to you, then give a try to start talking toYou will find HIM attentive all the time… 🙂



  • Always start your day with a lot of… S E XS – SMILE
    E – ENERGY

    So make S E X a daily habit, and youll always B SUCC SEX FUL! in LIFE.



  • A lot of trouble in the world will disappear,
    If everyone learn to talk to each,
    Instead of talking about each other…!!!



  • Sardar Was Awarded 2010 Nobel Prize For His New “Theory Of Motion”
    Which States: “Loose Motion Can Never Be Done In Slow Motion.” 😀



  • She Stole My Heart
    Therefore I am Planing For Revenge,
    Am Going To Steal Her Last Name… 🙂


  • Interviewer: What is SKELETON?
    Sardar: Sir, Skeleton is a person who started dieting but forgot to stop it..!!!
  • Wonderful Combinations in this world…
    Heart & Beats,
    Night & Moon,
    Music & Songs,
    Roses & Love,
    Fish & water,My message & Your SMILE 🙂



  • Its hard to sleep when you know how BURDENED your mind is.Its even harder going to sleep when you know there is
    Left over PIZZA in the fridge 😀



  • Don’t expect too much of Christmas Day.
    You can’t crowd into it any arrears of unselfishness and kindliness
    that may have accrued during the past twelve months.