Good Morning Poetry

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Good Morning Poetry

  • I Make Dua That

    Happiness Be At Your Door

    May It Knock Early

    Stay Late
    Leave The Gift Of

    ALLAH’S Peace, Joy

    & Good Health Behind


  • My Wishes Are Silent

    But True

    Everywhere They

    Follow You

    Luck Is Yours

    Wishes Are Mine

    I Wish Your

    Present n Future

    Always Shine …

    Good Morning …

  • very day brings

    So much more

    To look forward to

    Fly high and soar

    Every moment brings

    So much delight

    Just being with you

    Makes everything feel right

    Good morning

  • The anticipation

    Is killing me

    I cannot wait

    To come and see

    The beautiful girl

    Who I call my girlfriend

    The girl who I

    Love to no end

    Good morning

  • I am not a psychic

    Or an astrologer

    Neither do I claim

    To be a fortune teller

    All I can predict

    For the future

    Is that, with you my life

    Is sure to be brighter

    Good morning

  • I’m sure you look more beautiful

    Than what you did yesterday

    The sun must have made you

    More radiant with every ray

    There’s yet another thing

    Of which I am sure

    Is that I am crazier

    About you, than before

    Good morning

  • The sun makes me see

    Life’s most beautiful things

    Its radiance reminds me of

    The way you’ve given me wings

    The haze of each dawn

    Brings in a sense of bliss

    It makes me realize how

    With you, nothing seems amiss

    Good morning

  • I wish I could jump out

    Of your phone’s screen

    To convey what your presence

    In my life really means

    I wish I could run over

    To your place right now

    To show my love to you

    And that I miss you and how

    I wish I could wake up

    Next to you everyday

    To wish you good morning

    Before the sun’s first ray

    Good morning

  • Radiant like the morning sun

    Sweetheart, you are the one

    Beautiful like morning dew

    Baby, that girl is you

    Misty like the morning skies

    Darling, are your beautiful eyes

    Soft like the light of daybreak

    I think only of you when I’m awake

    Good morning

  • The colors of sunrise

    Seem to fade away

    The hues of the morning mist

    Seem less impressive everyday

    In front of your beauty

    None of them stands tall

    Compared to your radiance

    Even the sun feels so small

    Good morning