Luck Poetry

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Luck Poetry

  • Luck is needed to those who are scared
    But I know that you are too bold
    You know things that people may not know
    You smile but yes you don’t show
    Good luck is for people who want it
    But you know everything to bit
    Still I wish you luck by your side
    I am sure you will change the tide
    And make things better indeed!
    Good luck to you coz you need
    Do well!

  • Good luck to you for your test
    It’s nothing to be scared off
    It’s nothing to get all tensed
    If you know that you have the will
    And you know that you have the confidence
    So don’t think too much in life
    And go for that kill
    Just hope and things will be fine
    All the very best for your strive
    You will excel through in time!

  • When I was a baby
    one month old,
    my grandparents gave me
    good luck gold:
    a golden ring
    so soft it bends,
    a golden necklace
    hooked at the ends,
    a golden bracelet
    with coins that say
    I will be rich
    and happy someday.
    I wish that gold
    would work
    real soon.
    I need my luck
    this afternoon.

  • Night is deep in a dark box
    deep in a cushion of down
    nestled in tissue
    tied with ribbons
    Night is asleep in the dark
    Night wakes with curious paws
    wakes in a furry fog
    wrestles the tissue
    nibbles the ribbons
    Night is awake in the dark
    Night tumbles in velvet directions
    tumbles along to your bed
    sniffing your wishes
    wagging your worries
    Night is a friend in the dark

  • So huge a burden to support
    Your courage, Sisyphus, would ask;
    Well though my heart attacks its task,
    Yet Art is long and Time is short.
    Far from the famed memorial arch
    Towards a lonely grave I come.
    My heart in its funereal march
    Goes beating like a muffled drum.
    — Yet many a gem lies hidden still
    Of whom no pick-axe, spade, or drill
    The lonely secrecy invades;
    And many a flower, to heal regret,
    Pours forth its fragrant secret yet
    Amidst the solitary shades.

  • An eyelash on my cheek.
    I caught it and blew it.
    With the wind.
    A star shoots across the sky.
    I tied a knot.
    A four-leaf clover.
    I almost stepped on it.
    Says my Casio digital watch.
    A coin lying on the sidewalk.
    I flipped it down the well.
    Fingers crossed.
    Eyes closed.
    I feel lucky.
    I wish for you.

  • There is a man who has my heart
    with eyes the most darling shade of blue
    he turned my heart from black and white
    and filled it with every hue
    days we sat upon the porch
    drinking our wine and tea
    and all i could think to myself was
    how lucky i was with he
    the days and weeks passed
    spring and summer went
    but fall passed with gloom and anger
    by winter you were spent
    i held your hand as you wept to me
    the feelings of your despair
    and your gaze had slipped from my eyes
    your fingers from my hair
    it has been a long time but i am still here
    sipping my wine and tea
    and all i can think to myself was
    how lucky i was with he

  • When life seems unfair and uncertain,
    somehow you have the ability
    to ease the sadness and
    make me feel as if
    everything is going to be okay.
    You have an amazing amount of strength
    that carries me through the rough times
    and a wonderful sense of humor
    that can turn the tears into smiles.
    Knowing you’re by my side,
    knowing that I have you to lean on,
    knowing that you will always be there,
    gives me comfort.
    I am not just lucky to have you in my life
    I am blessed beyond words.

  • Sometimes, I ask myself
    “How on earth did I ever get so lucky?”
    You are such a wonderful person,
    And at times it’s almost unbelievable
    That you love me the way that you do.
    The way that you smile at me;
    The way that you speak my name
    With such love in your voice
    Touches my heart and my soul,
    And I wonder what did I ever do
    To deserve someone like you?

  • I thank my lucky stars
    For making my every wish come true
    When I discovered you
    You make my life complete
    You help me to see things
    In a whole new light
    And when things change
    As they often do
    You remind me it will be alright
    And I believe it’s true
    As long as I have you.
    I Love You Always