Baby Poems

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Baby Poems

  • This little tiny baby
    Was sent from God above
    To fill our hearts with happiness
    And touch our lives with love
    He must have known
    We’d give our all
    And always do our best
    To give our precious baby love
    And be grateful and so blessed

  • A baby will make love stronger,
    days longer, nights shorter,
    bankroll smaller, home happier,
    clothes shabbier, the past forgotten,
    and the future worth living for.

  • A baby boy was created
    by the hand of God above
    to give the world the sweetest touch
    of tenderness and love.
    With the softness of a whisper,
    God made a baby’s skin
    and then designed two trusting eyes
    to put the starlight in.
    With giggles from a waterfall
    and breezes passing by,
    God made a baby’s laughter
    and a tiny, sleepy sigh.
    God made the world a precious gift
    more dear and pure than gold,
    with little toes to play with
    and tiny hands to hold
    then brought into the sunshine
    a precious baby boy
    All wrapped up in a rainbow
    of wonder, hope, and joy.

  • I’m really glad that you could come
    to help surprise my mother.
    Sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves
    and chat with one another.

    Sorry I can’t be with you
    to share in Mommy’s shower.
    but you see I’m very busy
    cause I’m growing more each hour.

    Though I’m not here to thank you
    for the special gift you brought
    My family and I are grateful…
    We appreciate the thought.

    I’ll be arriving shortly
    I’m as happy as can be.
    So after I’ve been home awhile
    Please come visit me!

  • I love your brown eyes
    I love your button nose
    I love your messy morning hair
    and your teeny, tiny toes
    I love your big bright smile
    and your little pearly whites
    I love your pointy chin
    and your silky smooth skin
    I love your long little fingers
    and your chubby little cheeks
    I love your ducky walk
    and your never ending talk
    I love it when you sing
    and start splashing the bath
    I love it when you sleep
    snuggled in my arms
    I love you with all my heart
    no matter what it may be
    Sometimes I love for no reason
    and sometime because you’re my sweet honeybee.

  • Hey baby boy
    You bring me joy
    Every time I look at you
    All the little things you do
    I’m so glad God gave me you
    I wake every morning just to look in your eyes
    Every single morning I get a different surprise
    I pray everyday that God blesses us both
    But I pray even more that God blesses you most

  • Amazing, acknowledge them.
    Believable, trust them.
    Childlike, allow them.
    Divine, honor them.
    Energetic, nourish them.
    Fallible, embrace them.
    Gifts, treasure them.
    Here now, be with them.
    Innocent, delight with them.
    Joyful, appreciate them.
    Kindhearted, learn from them.
    Lovable, cherish them.
    Magical, fly with them.
    Noble, esteem them.
    Open minded, respect them.
    Precious, value them.
    Questioners, encourage them.
    Resourceful, support them.
    Spontaneous, enjoy them.
    Talented, believe in them.
    Unique, affirm them.
    Vulnerable, protect them.
    Whole, recognize them.
    Xtraspecial, celebrate them.
    Yearning, notice them.
    Zany, laugh with them.

  • At first you didn’t lift your head;
    You didn’t know to smile.
    The time before you knew my voice
    Seemed such a long, long while.
    I couldn’t wait for you to roll,
    And then to sit and clap.
    And now you’re off and crawling,
    Not helpless in my lap.

    Why didn’t someone tell me
    How fast a baby grows,
    That every little baby stage
    Soon comes, but sooner goes.

    So I’ll enjoy the fleeting time
    Before you learn to walk.
    And treasure every tiny noise
    Before you learn to talk.

    For soon you’ll learn to walk,
    Then run,
    And talk and sing a song,
    And never be my babe again.
    The babe’s forever gone.
    Little baby, take your time,
    For while you’re tiny, you are mine.

  • Did you ever think, dear Mother,
    As the seeds of me you sowed,

    As you breathed new life inside of me
    And slowly watched me grow,

    In all your dreams about me
    When you planned me out so well,

    When you couldn’t wait to have me there
    Inside your heart to dwell,

    Did you ever think that maybe,
    I was planning for you, too,

    And choosing for my very own
    A mother just like you?

    A mother who smelled sweet and who
    had hands so creamy white,

    A tender, loving creature
    Who would soothe me in the night?

    Did you ever think in all those days
    While you were coming due,

    That as you planned a life for me
    I sought a life with you?

    And now as I lay in your arms,
    I wonder if you knew

    While you were busy making me,
    I was choosing you!

  • What does little birdie say
    In her nest at peep of day?
    Let me fly, says little birdie,
    Mother, let me fly away.
    Birdie, rest a little longer,
    Till thy little wings are stronger.
    So she rests a little longer,
    Then she flies away.

    What does little baby say,
    In her bed at peep of day?
    Baby says, like little birdie,
    Let me rise and fly away.
    Baby, sleep a little longer,
    Till thy little limbs are stronger.
    If she sleeps a little longer,
    Baby too shall fly away.