Apologies Poems

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Apologies Poems

  • No matter how much we fight,
    I’ll always be by your side.
    We’ve been through too much
    To let what we have slide.
    For years you’ve put up with me,
    You’re my best friend,
    I can always count on you; now it’s my turn to lend.
    This is all my fault,
    Don’t let this turn our friendship gray.
    I love you, and that’s all I have to say.

  • I am sorry that I hurt you …you were my best friend…
    I still can’t believe that our friendship faced a tragic end…

    I owe you an apology…and I guess this is the right time…
    I am a Criminal…hurting you was my crime…

    never wanted to let you down…never wanted to see you frown….
    it’s been a month I am having this feeling and I am so down…

    it wasn’t my intentions to make you sad…..
    it’s that all the things I did for you went bad….

    now you hate me….that was very hard to accept…
    I am feeling like burdened…like I have a debt…

    checking bills…nope …all have been paid…
    wait its burden of the mistakes that I made…

    lets be honest.. one month went like a whole year…
    I wish I could move life..in Reverse gear…

    Punish me…forgive me…that is what I need…
    I just want to undo my wrong deed…

    I can’t sing …I can’t dance…
    all I need is another chance…

    I just want you to know…that I still care..
    and I want to make …everything clear and Fair…

    Please Forgive me…that is all what I can say…
    I don’t want to live like this …it’s becoming harder day by day…

  • I love you so very much,
    Even though at times I do things that hurt,
    I try so hard to hope that you always see,
    How much you being in my life means to me,
    I am sorry yet again for causing you pain.
    That is the last thing I ever wanted to do,
    Even when I am trying to look out for you and do the right thing
    I mess up, I am sorry for that too.
    I hope that you still know how much I love and cherish you,
    Like nothing else in my life gives me the thrill of being loved by you.
    So I hope that you listen and see it in my eyes,
    this sincere apology that comes with tears from deep inside.

  • True friendship is a gift
    Oh so precious and so rare
    Sometimes we take it for granted
    Sometimes we do despair

    Our fault is being human
    Mistakes are everywhere
    Please let me not lose the gift
    That is so precious and so rare.

  • Since you are the best

    I know you’ll forgive me

    Because you are so perfect

    I’m sure you won’t be angry

    Since you are the most kind

    You’ll understand what I say

    I know that you will not

    Ignore what I have to convey

    It’s because you’re so precious

    I apologize with all my heart

    Let me begin a new day

    With a fresh new start

  • Those words should not have been spoken
    The deed should not have been done.
    But I realize that I was very wrong
    and that I hurt your feelings badly.
    So I ask you for your forgiveness
    and hope that we are still friends.
    Because inside my heart I’m empty
    and feeling so sad I can’t stand it.

  • I want to hurt myself
    But there is one person that can help me that is GOD
    he is powerful can anybody see it
    as we lift our heads people look at one another
    some have feeling that could hurt one another
    I had good friends but it just seems I wish I would have had them as my friends again,
    But all I could say is I am sorry for what I have done!

  • Please come back to me,
    We shall create another story of us,
    Through the morning and ends in our heart,
    Under the moonlight,
    Where our hands joined together,a lover’s kiss.
    It’s true !!
    I can’t live without you, baby,
    Even this heart is burned under fire,
    Still there is a love for you in eternity…

  • Dear Sophie,
    I’m sorry.
    You were a little girl.
    I did not think you’d remember.
    I did not think I had created a fear.
    I did not think. Period.
    Sophie, my dearest girl
    I’m sorry.
    The rivers flow from my eyes freely
    As I write this.
    As I read the words.
    Sophie, I love you so much.
    I’m sorry my darkness affected you.
    That cloud of rain pouring down on me,
    I’m sorry it got you a little wet too.
    The words are not sufficient for how I feel.
    I betrayed you.
    You trusted me.
    You looked up to me.
    And I did not hide better.
    My little one,
    I am sorry.
    I created this fear
    Because I needed a reason.
    An excuse.
    I will make it up to you.
    I will explain.
    Maybe not right now,
    but one day…

  • I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox
  • and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast
  • Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold