Luck Poems

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Luck Poems

  • Good luck is all about the new beginning
    You know that you have a positive frame of mind
    Just focus on what is good
    And forget about what you are going to do
    Know things that will well matter you
    Do things that will well be for you
    And no one can ever stop you from reaching where you want to
    As my good luck is always with you!
    All the best!

  • Ah exams time is full of tension
    And you may feel the stress for sure
    But know that if you are confident
    You will pass this test for sure
    Just relax and give your best
    As its a way to know and impress
    The things that you want you will get
    So concentrate on studies and fun you must forget
    All the very best!
    Do well in your life!

  • It’s all about the right way in life
    It’s all about the way you have to strive
    It’s all about the way you reach your goal
    It’s all about you know about your role
    It’s all about your hard work
    It’s all about how you find your way
    It’s all about your determination come what may
    It’s all about your result
    So all the very best in life
    Good luck to you in life!

  • Its the exams time again
    And I know you will also pretend
    But don’t get scared my friend
    As this is just a phase
    You need to keep calm this Day
    So that you win the race
    And you will surely excel through in every way
    Things which will make you feel good
    And you will have your say
    All the very best for your test
    Do well in life!

  • Reading some positive quotes can give you a kick
    And help you to relax before the big day
    Just leave what is behind in your mind
    As there is nothing to say
    You have prepared for your journey right
    Now you have to wait for reaching the way
    So give your best shot come what may
    Good luck for your endeavour!
    You will surely do well!

  • Good luck is needed to those who are scared
    But I know that you are too bold
    You know things that people may not know
    You smile but yes you don’t show
    Good luck is for people who want it
    But you know everything to bit
    Still I wish you luck by your side
    I am sure you will change the tide
    And make things better indeed!
    Good luck to you coz you need
    Do well!

  • When I was a baby
    one month old,
    my grandparents gave me
    good luck gold:
    a golden ring
    so soft it bends,
    a golden necklace
    hooked at the ends,
    a golden bracelet
    with coins that say
    I will be rich
    and happy someday.
    I wish that gold
    would work
    real soon.
    I need my luck
    this afternoon.

  • A star graduate like you
    Doesn’t need advice
    On the first day of your job
    Just make sure you look nice
    A winner like you
    Doesn’t need any good luck
    Your confidence is enough
    To fill up a truck
    A go-getter like you
    Doesn’t need wishes from anybody
    For you will surge ahead
    Because of your ability
    Good luck

  • I know that you are
    Committed to your studies
    I know that you have
    Worked hard endlessly
    I know that you believe
    In taking things head on
    I know you have studied
    From dusk till dawn
    All your hard work
    Will pay off handsomely
    You are destined to
    Shine out brightly
    Good luck

  • I want to wish you good luck in whatever you do,
    May you get all things new,
    You have done your best in case,
    You will definitely win the race,
    Of life,
    So, just a little strive,
    And you would be there,
    You will get your fair share,
    So, do your best you can,
    And you will get as the plan!