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Inspirational Poems

  • If I could but have held them in my arms of care,
    Brushed away the dark, dank clouds of hopelessness,
    And moved them with some pure impassioned prayer:
    O, dear one, I know you’re hurting bad,
    And prob’ly just need someone who will understand.
    Life’s wounds run deep,
    But there below our surface waved emotions,
    They contact inner strength, no more asleep,
    And blending with the currents of compassion,
    Will buoy you up to chart uncharted seas.
    You may be different from the rest,
    But that’s what makes you special,
    Your talents are unique and precious,
    Enough to help you reach your crest.
    Don’t throw it all away!
    We need you.

  • I, alas, have been drawn for so long
    Into the ways of this modern life,
    Evading all pain and discomfort
    Yet still there is plenty of strife.
    I avoided all grief and unpleasantness,
    Indulged in so many a pleasure,
    Spinelessly wallowed in self-concern,
    And improved far too slowly, at leisure.
    Most of the comforts I seek from outside
    Result in some kind of addiction.
    Every attempt to withdraw from then,
    Results in some kind of affliction.
    Enough is enough, I’m done with this struggle,
    It’s time to face what is real,
    And wean my attention and feelings
    Away from these vices, to heal.
    O come then that pain and discomfort,
    Let me see how bad you can get!
    I’ll take out your sting by confronting you,
    And learn to welcome you yet.
    For in truth you are bringing me closer
    To rely on that Comfort* within,
    That enfires the spirit and strengthens the soul,
    Pain to bliss, as it transmutes my sin.
    Each time those withdrawal symptoms
    Tempt me with indulgences old,
    I’ll ROAAAR like a lion, be who I AM,
    With love for this body, yet bold.
    With trust in my Heavenly Father,
    To supply me with all I require,
    I’ll become His dynamic instrument,
    And with courage fulfill His desire.

  • Life is opportunity!
    Every day,
    All seem it gray,
    Can stimulate new thought.
    Chance is not what rules the world
    There’s purpose everywhere,
    It’s just for us to recognise
    The pearl that’s waiting there.
    The opportunity for us,
    To learn and serve and grow.
    The harder that the ‘problem’ seems
    The higher we can go.
    What is ours will come to us,
    So fear becomes inept.
    Just find the gift in everything
    And we’ll become adept.

  • I like the way I feel when I
    Am in your company.
    I like your joyful quiet smile
    That lets me talk more easily.
    I like your understanding look
    The kindness in your eyes
    Your sense of happiness and care,
    That calms my butterflies.
    I trust you recognise the Good,
    Of which you’re really made.
    And give thanks for the blessings,
    Which flow through you each day.

  • I am at my best with the wind in my face,
    When overcoming the challenge, with pace.
    The pace that requires more effort, more strength.
    But once gained momentum, endures with great length.
    It’s easy to sit back, placid and calm
    Comfort is only a relative balm.
    It seems an advantage, better than strife
    But is dulled by stagnation, stifling life.
    Progress needs movement, energy, drive,
    No chance for improvement if you do not strive.
    Nothing’s for nothing: cause and effect.
    That which you work for, you’ve more chance to get.
    So give me the wind, let it blow in my face,
    The more I confront, the more strength I’ll embrace.
    Steps are not mounted, nor challenge o’ercome.
    Without certain courage or effort be done.

  • You cannot change the world,
    But you can present the world with one improved person –
    You can go to work on yourself to make yourself
    Into the kind of person you admire and respect.
    You can become a role model and set a standard for others.
    You can control and discipline yourself to resist acting
    Or speaking in a negative way
    Toward anyone for any reason.
    You can insist upon always doing things the loving way,
    Rather than the hurtful way.
    By doing these things each day,
    You can continue on your journey
    Toward becoming an exceptional human being.

  • Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
    Count your gains instead of your losses.
    Count your joys instead of your woes;
    Count your friends instead of your foes.
    Count your smiles instead of your tears;
    Count your courage instead of your fears.
    Count your full years instead of your lean;
    Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
    Count your health instead of your wealth;
    Love your neighbor as much as yourself.

  • It is not so much WHERE you live,
    As HOW, and WHY, and WHEN you live,
    That answers in the affirmative,
    Or maybe in the negative,
    The question Are you fit to live?
    It is not so much WHERE you live,
    As HOW you live, and whether good
    Flows from you through your neighborhood
    And WHY you live, and whether you
    Aim high and noblest ends pursue,
    And keep Life brimming full and true.
    And WHEN you live, and whether Time
    Is at its nadir or its prime,
    And whether you descend or climb.
    It is not so much WHERE you live,
    As whether while you live you live
    And to the world your highest give,
    And so make answer positive
    That you are truly fit to live.

  • I shall be glad when summer comes,
    As it’s my favourite time.
    The sun, the beach, the big blue sky,
    The mountains I love to climb.
    But just because summer is,
    My favourite time of the year.
    It doesn’t mean I won’t look back,
    To all seasons with great cheer.
    Fall and winter lose the warmth,
    That spring and summer find.
    But there are still great thing about,
    Seasons that are unrefined.
    The thing to try and keep in mind,
    No matter what the day,
    Is there is always something good,
    To give thanks to God in prayer.
    Look and find the things you love,
    Make the most out of all you can.
    Don’t stop and wait for life to pass,
    Life’s too short to be a season fan.

  • When life is getting you down,
    And you need a little hope.
    Look deep down inside yourself,
    And you’ll find the way to cope.
    When life is getting you down,
    And you need a little love.
    Go to the person whom you are the closest,
    As the rest they are above.
    When life is getting you down,
    And all you need is a laugh.
    Find the friend that makes you smile,
    They may even be your staff.
    When life is getting you down,
    Don’t allow it so.
    Change the way you think of life,
    And life will be better, you know.
    When life is getting you down,
    Take time to pray
    Don’t allow yourself to frown
    God will help you see the blessings of the day.