Touching Stories Poems

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Touching Stories Poems

  • Whatever our hands touch—
    We leave fingerprints!
    On walls, on furniture,
    On doorknobs, dishes, books,
    As we touch we leave our identity.
    Oh please where ever I go today,
    Help me leave heartprints!
    Heartprints of compassion
    Of understanding and love.
    Heartprints of kindness
    and genuine concern.
    May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
    Or a runaway daughter,
    Or an anxious mother,
    Or, perhaps, a dear friend!
    I shall go out today
    To leave heartprints,
    And if someone should say
    “I felt your touch,”
    May that one sense be…
    YOUR LOVE Touching through ME.

  • If I should ever leave you whom I love
    To go along the Silent Way, grieve not,
    Nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk
    Of me as if I were beside you there.
    (I’d come – I’d come, could I but find a way!
    But would not tears and grief be barriers?)
    And when you hear a song or see a bird I loved,
    please do not let the thought of me
    Be sad . . .
    For I am loving you just as
    I always have . . .
    You were so good to me!
    There are so many things I wanted still
    To do – so many things to say to you . . .
    Remember that I did not fear . . . It was
    Just leaving you that was so hard to face . . .
    We cannot see Beyond . . .
    But this I know:
    I loved you so –
    ’twas heaven here with you!

  • Often in times of trouble we
    don’t know what to say,
    So we choose to say nothing,
    and sometimes run away.
    When friends are really hurting,
    we don’t know what to do,
    So we offer weak excuses
    or say we’re hurting too.
    It really doesn’t matter
    what kind of gift we bring;
    We only need to be there
    if we don’t bring a thing.
    It truly is amazing
    what a hug can do,
    When heartache numbs the senses,
    and friends depend on you.
    There’s comfort just in knowing
    that you are not alone,
    When tears are overflowing,
    and hearts are cold as stone.
    It’s the loving prayers of others
    that balance our accounts,
    For when we measure love,
    it’s still the thought that counts.

  • Dear Lord,
    Please give me strength,
    to face the day ahead.
    Dear Lord,
    Please give me courage,
    as I approach each hurting bed.
    Dear Lord,
    Please give me wisdom
    with every word I speak.
    Dear Lord,
    Please give me patience,
    as I comfort the sick and weak.
    Dear Lord,
    Please give me assurance,
    as the day slips into night.
    That I have done the best I can,
    that I have done what is right.

  • I didn’t get to say “goodbye”,
    And all the words I wanted you to hear.
    I should have said them when I had my chance,
    But I thought that you would always be near.
    I ran out of time to let you know,
    Just how much you meant to me.
    I should have told you, but I thought you knew,
    But now I will never know, if you really did see.
    When l talk to you in my prayers at night,
    I hope you can hear all I have to say.
    I would have told you, if only I could,
    Have had you back for one more day.
    Perhaps there were words you wanted to say also,
    That were left unsaid by you.
    But I do know that you loved me,
    As you knew that I loved you too.
    We should always say what we feel in our heart,
    As tomorrow may never come.
    Speak those words today as you feel them,
    And never lose your chance to tell someone.

  • In the rising of the sun and in its going down
    we remember them.
    In the blowing of the wind, and the calm of its stillness,
    we remember them.
    In the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring,
    we remember them.
    In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer,
    we remember them.
    In the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn,
    we remember them.
    In the midpoint of the year, and as its beginning and end,
    we remember them.
    When we are weary and in need of strength,
    we remember them.
    When we are lost and sick at heart,
    we remember them.
    When we have joys we yearn to share,
    we remember them.
    So long as we live, they too shall live,
    for they are now part of us,
    we remember them.

  • The sadness of the present days
    Is locked and set in time,
    And moving to the future
    Is a slow and painful climb.
    But all the feelings that are now
    So vivid and so real
    Can’t hold their fresh intensity
    As time begins to heal.
    No wound so deep will ever go
    Entirely away;
    Yet every hurt becomes
    A little less from day to day.
    Nothing can erase the painful
    Imprints on your mind;
    But there are softer memories
    That time will let you find.
    Though your heart won’t let the sadness
    Simply slide away,
    The echoes will diminish
    Even though the memories stay.

  • Don’t tell me that you understand, don’t tell me that you know,
    Don’t tell me that I will survive, how I will surely grow.
    Don’t tell me this is just a test, that I am truly blessed,
    That I am chosen for this task, apart from all the rest.
    Don’t come at me with answers that can only come from me,
    Don’t tell me how my grief will pass, that I will soon be free.
    Don’t stand in pious judgment of the bonds I must untie,
    Don’t tell me how to suffer, don’t tell me how to cry.
    My life is filled with selfishness, my pain is all I see,
    But I need you, I need your love, unconditionally.
    Accept me in my ups and downs, I need someone to share,
    Just hold my hand and let me cry, and say,
    “My friend, I really do care.”

  • If we could have you back for just one day
    There would be so many things we would like to say
    If we could just be with you for one whole day
    To have you close and know that you really are Okay.
    If we had known that you would be gone forever
    If we had known all those ties were going to be severed
    If we had known the pain, the loss, and the ache
    If we had known the difference without you would make.
    In the darkness you slipped away from us all,
    Now it’s just your memories that we have to recall,
    They say that parting is such sweet sorrow,
    But it’s the longing, the wondering, and how to cope with tomorrow
    They say that grieving a child is the very worst
    Cause life’s plan is that the parents should go first.
    Now all we have are memories, the good times that we had,
    We spend so much time in tears, and pain and feeling sad,
    So if we could have you back for just one day,
    You could let us know, how to cope until that judgement day,
    When we’ll be together as a family once again,
    When we’ll all be happy and free from all this pain.
    Oh ! it’s so hard to live when your child has to die,
    Then we spend our lifetime trying to say Goodbye!

  • I met this beautiful girl a couple years ago
    I wanted her I liked her but I didn’t know
    If she felt the same way as me
    I laid awake every night thinking of everything we could be
    I kept thinking of her day after day
    Thinking of what all I could say
    What all I could do
    If only she had knew
    How I felt about her
    Oh how I wished things between us would occur
    I wish I had the courage to talk to her quick
    But truthfully I was never too slick
    I never had the courage to talk for more than a minute or two
    But every time we talked my feelings for her grew
    I loved her more than anyone I ever met
    But that love kept me up at night upset
    With feelings of sadness and regret
    That did not tell her yet
    That I loved her more than myself
    More than money and wealth through sickness and health
    My life went by month after month, day after day
    Then came the day that I moved away
    There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say
    As I left my skies quickly started turning gray
    Then one day I got a call from you
    You said you loved me so much
    I couldn’t believe it was true
    You said you missed my touch
    You missed my sense of humor
    And you wished you had told me sooner
    You told me you stay up crying day after day
    Ever since I went away
    You said we could love each other long distance
    That I was the fabric of your very existence
    Time went by month after month, year after year
    Every word you spoke honest and sincere
    Our love never faded, only grew stronger
    Even as time passed longer and longer
    Till the day we finally met again
    We talk how were back then and we had been
    Not long after that we had wed
    Got married looking forward to the life ahead
    Both of us together, forever
    On this endeavor
    Time went by year after year
    So happy neither of us shed a tear
    We went on till we hit the age of seventy one
    After that our time was done
    Both of us died in our sleep
    Holding on to each other destined to keep
    Our love now and in the afterlife
    Never did we get upset over any strife
    So this the is the story of me and my love
    This is our story that I wrote from above