Independence Day Wishes

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  • Hum ney tou mit jana hai Ay Arzy “Watan.,,

    *Tum ko salamat rehna hai Qayamat ki Sehar hony tak.
    14 August Mubarak ho.

  • Let’s take decision to value our nation,
    Won’t forget those sacrifices, who gave us freedom,
    Now its our turn to have a reformation.
    Happy Independence Day!
  • They Join hands in Hands,
    Brave Pakistanis all!

    By uniting we stand
    by dividing we fall,

    Jashne Azadi Mubarak.
    Allah Bless our country.

  • !=–__-=-,
    !=-! -=-_;
    !=-! ( * =-_;
    Yeah Parcham Sada Surbolaand Rahay

    PAKISTAN Zindabad

  • Thousands laid down their lives so
    that our country is breathing this day
    Never forget their sacrifice…

    Happy Independence Day