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  • It feels nice to miss you
    So I m missing you it feels
    Nice to think about you
    So I m thinking about you
    It feels nice to disturb you
    So I m disturbing you
    It feels nice to love you,
    So I love you dear…
  • Sometimes You Hurt The Ones Who Loves You Most,
     Sometimes You Hold The Ones Who Leave You Lost,
     And Sometimes, You Learn But It’s Too Late.
  • Do all the best u can,
    By all the ways u can,
    In all the manners u can,
    In all the occasions u can,
    At all the opportunity u can
  • FRiendship is a network that needs,no recharge,no roaming,no validity limit,no activation,no signal problems,no low bettari,FriendShip is life time in coming..
  • True friends stay together and never say goodbye! Friends Never say goodbye, they say hello!
  • To Be Thankful With Gratitude For The Hurt You Know To Be A Gift,
    Love So You Can Learn To Give And Share Rather Than To Take,