World Turtle Day Poems

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World Turtle Day Poems

  • I don’t carry my home
    and i’m more chartreuse
    than greenMetaphorically though
    I have some very turtlish
    qualitiesI retreat to my shell
    when confronted
    and i’m low on the food chain

    I’m wary of those who fly
    they might pick me up
    only to drop me
    and kill a tragedian

    I hate lettuce
    though so
    do snapping turtles
    eat meat

    not important
    so ah
    fuck turtles.

  • Let me tell you a story
    about a turtle named Terrell
    He had a knack for walking slow
    as you can tell,
    He was all of ninety years
    for ninety years he walked
    And never once had to sleep
    in someone else’s hotel
    He had a painted shell
    half-round colored and true
    From where he poked
    his head to view
    The things around him
    even the fox that stranger
    Out came his head eyes ready
    focused for danger.
    The birds would pick on his shell,
    ’twas very irritating
    They  would never even let
    him get some sleep,
    The bear and wolf would
    pick him up contemplating
    A quick supper
    they’d hope to reap.

  • You died one day in your little round dish
    and my sister found you lying there
    when she came to feed you that morning.
    Your shell had softened, I believe.
    That can happen to little turtles,
    bought from the department store.
    I hope you didn’t hate your name too much.
    She just liked the sound of it, dear Bing.
    She never called you der Bingle.
    You were a quiet little pet
    and gave my sister pleasure.
    Now it’s your day.
    Hope somewhere you know that.

  • I am a turtle
    I live in a shell
    through all the cold weather
    its treated me well
    I am a turtle
    I dont move very fast
    i walk down the path
    I see rabbits run past
    I am a turtle
    Im old and im wise
    I see a whole world
    out in front of my eyes
    I am a turtle
    Im happily green
    if you are a turtle you know what I mean
    I am a turtle

  • A Turtle,
    So Green Was He,
    But Also Blue,
    A Turtle,
    So Nice Was He,
    But Also Mean,
    A Turtle,
    So Human Was He,
    But Also A Prisoner,
    A Turtle,
    So Free Was He,
    But Also A Shell,

  • I am the Box Turtle,
    I shut you out,
    and sleep away in my shell,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    the only turtle who is safe from the world,
    the only turtle who can shut away the world,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    I’ll hid for life,
    behind the hinges that cover me,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    Who will slam my door,
    on you and the world,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    I can live my life in my shell,
    while you continue creating this hell,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    I will not fight,
    I will live in peace not war,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    I’ll  lock the ones who try and hurt me out,
    to try and survive these battles alone,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    inside my hinge like doors,
    I’ll be safe from the world,
    I am the Box Turtle,
    I must be safe from you,
    and any other fools.
    Box turtles  are cool,
    only turtle that can fully close
    its shell bc it has mini doors,
    I love em, they’re cute.

  • Speeding along a curved road
    Eyes watching the asphalt’s twists and turns
    I happen upon a substantial rock
    Lying along the road on my course
    It takes a few seconds for me to realize
    That big brown rock isn’t what it seems
    The rock has a yellow neck, legs, a head and tail
    That beckon me to stop despite what lies ahead
    My reasoning forces me to ponder on it’s future
    Will the next car around the curve stop for this comrade
    Or will it be struck and left for dead?
    I put my car in park and hurry to pick it up
    One lonely turtle has found itself being removed
    From the path of oncoming vehicles
    Taken to the grassy side of the road
    Facing the opposite direction
    In hopes that it will find it’s way far from
    The impending danger of traffic
    Now, this one turtle has a better chance
    At living out it’s life at it’s own slow pace

  • When you’re accustomed to darkness
    You’re used to monotony
    You’re used to redundance
    You’re used to nothing
    You hear of the outside world
    You hear of its joys
    You hear of its wonders
    You hear of its plights
    “Come on out” they say
    “We won’t hurt you”
    Little callings to show you something new
    Or is it just to hurt me?“What are friends? Do they bite?
    Is it edible? Is it necessary?”
    Questions I’m asking to seemingly no one
    But a voice keeps beckoning to me
    “Come out and see the wonders you miss
    The energy of human beings
    The warmth of the sun
    The beauty of the world”
    I’ve never been enticed this much before
    Closer and closer do I inch out
    My mind is saying “this is a bad idea”
    My gut is saying “can’t hurt to try”

  • He made a request for dinner,
    the stock, I started to simmer.
    As my husband watched his T.V.,
    I gathered the herbs I’d need.
    A pinch of this and a tad of that.
    Then I went in search of the cat.
    I called hubby in for his meal,
    he sat down and began with zeal.
    But, soon he stopped and just stared,
    at his soup, which, I didn’t share.
    he scooped up a piece of the “meat”,
    then got up and ran from his seat.
    Over the retching, he did ask,
    “Why did you add the turtles’ ass?”
    It was then that I saw the light.
    I hadn’t quite heard him just right.
    I explained the big chunks of poop,
    I thought he had said Turtle soup.

  • I had cried a sea of tears
    And began to drown.
    Trashing out, Unheard screams
    Bubbles filled my lungs.
    I long for safety and a home
    Not this empty black cavern that’s sinking very near.
    I look up out of desperation
    far above my  pain.
    And then black tears turn purple,
    I see a Turtle swimming near.
    The sea Turtle I’ve always wanted
    I reals all my fear.
    I float upward crowned in a bubbling glow
    My sea Turtle loves my bubbles.
    And away we go.