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Top Author Wishes

  • Humility for prosperity
    Sacrifice for blessings
    Bended knees for rewards
    Heart laid down for worship
    To Allah who deserves these all.
    Ramadan Kareem!

  • May the bloom of God’s blessings colour
    your wedding with fruitfulness and conjugal peace.
    Happy Wedding

  • To accomplish great things,
    We must not only act,
    Bt also dream,
    Not only plan bt also believe,
    Best wishes for exam.

  • Love Is The Only Thing In This World,
    Which Always Spreads Smiles,
    ANd This Is You Love Thats The Way,
    You Make Me Laugh When I Do not.
    Even Want To Smile, I Love You.

  • Happiness as light as air.
    LOVE as DEEP as OCEAN.
    Friends as solid as diamonds and
    success as bright as gold.
    These r my wishes for you today and everyday.

  • Wishing you happiness
    To welcome each morning,
    Wishing you laughter
    To make your heart sing.
    Wishing you friendship
    Sharing and caring,
    And all of the joy
    The birthday can bring!

  • Sweet,crazy conversations full of half sentences,
    daydreams and misunderstandings are more thrilling than understanding could ever be.
    Some people are so afraid of being hurt,that they’ll pass up the chance of being happy.

  • Heart is like Crystal, Preserve it
    Love is like perfume, Spread it
    Feelings are like flood, Flow it
    FRIENDSHIP is like Umbrella, share it

  • May the sun shine, all day long
    everything go right, & nothing wrong
    may those u love bring love back to u
    may all the wishes u wish come true.

  • Never say you are happy when you are sad..
    Never say you are fine when you are not ok..
    Never say you feel good when you feel bad,..
    Never say you are alone when i am still alive..
    Good luck and best wishes for ever….