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  • Religions have said, ‘Don’t kill’, but they go on killing. ‘Be brotherly’-and they are not brotherly. ‘Love one ano
  • Religious people are so convinced that only their religion is right choice. But I don’t see them asking for Hindu blood, Muslim blood or Christian blood at the blood banks when they need it at medical emergency.
  • God loves you 100%.There is nothing you can do that can make Him love you more, and there is nothing you can do that can make Him love you less.
  • The purpose of religion is not building grand temples but cultivating positive human qualities like tolerance, generosity and love.
  • Mistakes are teachers of life.
    Trials are molders of the strong.
    Defeats are coaches of the brave.
    Hope gives you chances.
    Trust builds your relationships.
    Love inspires your heart.
    And above all these,

    a half-naked man bleeding & nailed on a cross creates a beautiful YOU…