15 August SMS

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15 August SMS

  • Even If I Died In The Service Of The Nation
    I Would Be Proud Of It Every Drop Of My Blood
    Will Contribute To The Growth Of
    This Nation Nd To Make It Strong Nd Dynamic
    Happy 15 August To All Indians.

  • Today we are miles apart
    but I wanna reach across the miles
    and say I am thinking of you
    in a very special way.
    happy 15 August

  • Let’s Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a
    Human rights Culture in which
    respect, dignity and equality
    become a code for living.
    This will be our role to
    Live up to the dreams
    of 1947
    Happy Independence Day

  • I wish you all a happy independence day
    may our country progress in everywhere and in everything
    so that the whole world should have proud on us

  • Work like a Gujarati;
    Eat like a Rajasthani;
    Sing like a Bengali;
    Dance like a Punjabi;
    Smile like a Kashmiri;
    Live life like a Goan;
    And always cherish being an Indian!

  • The Love Of My Nation Is Worthiness,
    The Love Of My People Is Endless,
    All What I Need For My Country Is Happiness,
    Let Me Be The First One To
    Wish You A Happy 15 August

  • Long Years Ago, We Made A Tryst With
    Destiny Nd Now The Time Comex
    When We Shall Redeem Our Pledge
    At The Stroke Of The Midnight Hour
    When The World Sleepz
    India Will Awake To Life Nd Freedom
    Happy Independence Day

  • Let’s value our freedom by not forgetting the sacrifices of the martyrs.
    It’s time for us to unite and fight corruption and bring in reforms by starting a revolution!
    Let us strive to make every 15 August a Happy Independence day!

  • We Have Believed
    Nd We Do Believe Now
    Tha8 Freedom Is Indivixible
    Tha8 Peace Is Indivisible
    That Economic Prosperity Is Indivisible
    Haapy 15 August To All Indians.

  • 1: One country
    5: Major religions

    A: Adorable
    U: Union of
    G: Gigantic,
    U: Upbeat,
    S: Spectacular and
    T: Thoughtful Countrymen – who salute the freedom fighters for their sacrifices to free our country!
    Happy Independence Day!