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  • John Vereecken – There are six things you must have to be a world changer. Listen to John and learn what those things are!
  • Eric Sipperley – Let’s Go! Many people have left for warmer areas south. Do you want to go? We have opportunities to go places we’ve never gone to before and do things that perhaps we have never done.
  • Dave Gargano – Senior Pastor of road to Life Church in Chesterton, Indiana speaks on “Holy Shift”. There’s a change going on around us that we need to understand.
  • Moses Alexander – Senior Pastor of Acts Gospel Ministries in Grand Rapids, Pastor Moses shared about “The Heart of Worship”. Worship is more than singing a song, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Randy DonGiovanni – You were created to worship. To witness. To be a doer of the Word. “Just do your job, just do it!” Don’t miss the opportunities God gives us!
  • Scott Rodgers – Pastor at District Church in California, speaks about “Love”. What’s distinctive about us? Is their fruit in our lives that point people to Christ according to John 13:35?