Friends Teasing Messages

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Friends Teasing Messages

  • Heart beat are countless
    Spirits r ageless
    Dreams r endless
    Memories are timeless
    And a friend like u is useless
    Oops! Sorry Dear.. priceless.

  • Qualities a friend must have:
    Cute as crocodile.
    Smart as donkey.
    Active as turtle.
    Fit as hippo.
    Matured as monkey.
    Sincerity like dog.
    No doubt you are my good friend

  • Sachin fans watching CRICKET;
    Salman fans watching his MOVIES;
    Sania fans watching TENNIS;
    And my fans are always busy reading my ‘Messages’.
    Ohh God! They’re simply crazy fans!

  • Some friends are remembered because of their smile.
    Some friends are remembered because of their style.
    But u are remembered because u r so nice to remember.
    Take care.

  • Arguing with stupid people
    is like killing the Mosquito
    on your cheek.
    You might or might not
    kill it, but you will end up
    slapping yourself.

  • Each of us has his own fear but
    Sooner or later we must face it.
    It takes a lot of guts to overcome it.
    So don’t be afraid to face your fear.
    Go ahead, take a bath.

  • If I was a painter, you would b my painting.
    If I was an author, you would b my story.
    If I was a poet, you would b my poem.
    But unfortunately I am a cartoonist !

  • I think i am disturbing you
    This is my last message
    I will not message you anymore . . .
    Good bye
    Never expect that from me
    I am born to disturb you…

  • Did i do anything wrong..?
    Then why are you avoiding me..?
    At least remember me once in a week.
    It’s really hurting me.
    with love,
    your Tooth Brush.

  • Ever since I met you,
    i learn a lot of things from you,
    i didn’t understand how and why?
    then today i heard the proverb,
    Wise people learn more from FOOLS.