Good Luck Wishes

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Good Luck Wishes

  • All of us have bad luck and good luck.
    The man who persists through the badluck
    who keeps right on going iz the man who is
    there when the good luck comes and iz ready to receive it…

  • Stealing the blue from the splashing seas,
    A tinge of green from the youthful trees,
    A bit of orange from the sunset hues,
    With crystal white from the morning dews,
    I have framed a bright and colourful wish Just for you……………
    Good Luck!

  • Trusting God won’t make the mountain smaller
    it will make climbing easier.
    Hope you will be able to climb
    all your mountains always.
    Good Luck

  • Working with you was bliss.
    I’m hoping that you find success
    with your new job. Good luck!
    May you find satisfaction, success
    and contentment with your new job. Good luck,
    friend! You’ve done great in your previous work.
    So I know you will surely do better in this new job.
    Good luck! Now that you go to the greener pastures,
    enjoy it and make the best out of it! Good luck!

  • Forget about quitting,
    And think only about winning.
    Keep running no matter what.
    Belief and courage is all you need.
    Go ahead and do it,
    I bet you‘ll be the winner.
    Best of luck to you!

  • Luck? I don‘t rely on it.
    Anything thing is success –
    First of all it is a hard work, day after day,
    And everything you do must have a purpose.
    Also it is realizing what is the true opportunity and what is not.
    It is seeking for your goals with determination and belief.
    Being thankful for what you already have.
    Being positive and never looking back.
    Best wishes to you,

  • Sweetness in your speech, talent in your mind,
    love in your heart, peace in your eyes,
    strength in your hands & I wish always victory in your life.
    Good luck…….

  • GOD is always playing CHESS with each one of us.
    He makes Moves in our LIFE & then sits back to see
    how we react to the CHALLENGES … So make the best move before CHECKMATE….
    Good luck.

  • I think the most fun part about working on
    ‘Good Luck Charlie’
    is spending time with everyone, honestly,
    because everybody on set is like my brother
    and sister and mom and dad. They’re so fun to
    be around, so that’s probably the best part about
    working there.
  • I know that you are

    Committed to your studies

    I know that you have

    Worked hard endlessly

    I know that you believe

    In taking things head on

    I know you have studied

    From dusk till dawn

    All your hard work

    Will pay off handsomely

    You are destined to

    Shine out brightly

    Good luck