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  • Ur New Born Baby Boy (Girl)
    Is A Perfect Little Bundle
    4rm His (Her) Head Down To Her Feet
    I’m Sure That U’ll B
    The Bst PRnts In The World.
  • The greatest gift
    you can give to someone
    is your time,

    because when you give your time,
    you’re giving them a portion of life
    that you never get back.
    Good Morning,
    Have a lovely day!

  • Babies are the most beautiful gifts from God May your small one grow strong & happy under your care and…
  • One advice, don’t change;
    One request, take care;
    One wish, don’t forget me;
    One Lie, I hate you;
    One truth, I miss you,
    One suggestion, enjoy weekend.
    Have a joyful weekend!
  • A Little Boy Get Reaady
    4r Lotx Of Laughter Nd Noisse
    Big Hugs Nd Toyx
    Nd So Many Joyx
  • Father: Do you love me or your mum more?

    Son: I love both of you equally much.

    FaTher: What if I go America and your mum goes to Paris, where will you go?

    Son: Paris of course, it is much beautiful there.

    FaTher: Then what if I go Paris and your mum goes America, where will you go?

    Son: America!

    FaTher: So you’re bent on following your mum?

    Son: No, it’s because I already went to Paris earlier!

  • We all never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.
    Happy Children’s Day to all those who have a sparkle of a child in them!
  • They may not always smell pure and sweet;
    A dirty diaper or a dampened sheet.
    But with a loving cuddle and a beautiful smile;
    The joys of parenthood are all worth while.
    Happy Children’s Day!
  • Babies are the most
    beautiful gifts from God
    May ur small one
    grow strong & happy
    under ur care and love
  • Step by step the journey goes on
    Little by little it may seem so long
    Forget about ur past, u can’t change it
    Forget about ur future, u cant predict it
    Just think about present, u can handle it
    Enjoy presents every moment & be happy
  • An unexpected blessing
    is always the best gift!
    on the new baby!
    May U guys
    have many more!