Flattery Poetry

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Flattery PoetryFlattery Poetry

  • Flattery overdone is false,
    insincere, lies;
    concealing the purpose
    of the tool used by a fool
    pulls the wool over his own eyes
    in an effort to disguise
    his darkness.

    Compliments bless
    not so flattery.

  • I never knew whether to be flattered
    by your care. Or suspicious.
    I suppose now, as I stand back,
    my weight pressured solely on my heel,
    head turned up to the clouds, chin
    puncturing out it’s tears-
    I know now-
    that flattery lead you
    everywhere your feet
    wants to land.

  • Turn away, five seconds
    the cooling period, you’re off
    before I’m able to grasp
    the situation.
    Now I’m on top of
    the accelerator on top of
    the metal on top of
    the asphalt rolling along
    like the golden age examples
    I tried to emulate.
    The most sincere form,
    I’ve failed to impress

  • Maybe
    If  I was who you thought,
    Then I would love you,
    I would want to be gorgeous and
    oh so lovely,
    If I wasn’t so
    Tainted; then I would love you

    I am not
    What you want me to be;
    And so for us,
    There can never be a maybe

  • Respect sets the stage for love’s serge.
    Where, esteem and flattery merge.
    Infatuation births passions.
    Self worth overcomes excitements
    And casts off mundane enticements.
    Integrity stays emotions.
    Respect sets the stage for love’s serge.
    Where, esteem and flattery merge.
    Hold firm to dreams of tomorrow.
    Meet not emotional sorrow.
    Infatuation births passions.
    Integrity stays emotions.
    Respect sets the stage for love’s serge.
    Where esteem and flattery merge.

  • Either I am naive
    Or seriously confused
    Do they mean what they say?
    Then why do I feel used?

    Words of glorious praise
    Superlatives so sweet
    But then the real truth dawns
    My work lacks rhyme and beat

    I find it very strange
    And not so very kind
    To flatter just to please
    And leave the poet blind

    So when you post a thought
    Be honest in the write
    Don’t tear the poet down
    Yet don’t fake pure delight

    Find something that is good
    Something you can applaud
    But DO say what you mean
    Or else the post is flawed!

  • Someone who can slight you
    When they’ve got under your skin
    Is waiting for the argument
    They know that you can’t win
    Someone who can hurt you
    Or make you cry on a whim
    Has an ego that craves your flattery
    And a heart you’ll never win.

  • It does good to no woman to be flattered [by a man] who does not intend to marry her; and it is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within them, which, if returnee and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it; and, if discovered and responded to, must lead, ignites-fatuous-like, into miry wilds whence there is no extrication.

  • Somewhere between fear and flattery
    One emotion refuses to toe the line
    Inside me it conjures curses
    Sending winged bugs to my stomach
    And turning my palms into the wet backs of frogs
    Love is not a calm or kind emotion
    All the same I’m beginning to resent
    This  never nearly certainty

  • You compliment my smile
    Say you love my hair
    Darleen’, flattery will get you everywhere

    You said next to me
    no one can compare
    That flattery is getting you everywhere

    When I walk in a room
    you stop and stare
    Oh, flattery will get you everywhere

    You’re such a flirt
    Can’t believe you’d dare!
    My, flattery gets you everywhere

    My vulnerability
    is yours to snare
    and flattery gets you everywhere

    My brain just screams
    Girl, better beware
    He knows flattery gets him everywhere

    Here’s the thing
    I just don’t care
    I love it when you are everywhere