Flattery Poems

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Flattery Poems

  • I never knew whether to be flattered
    by your care. Or suspicious.
    I suppose now, as I stand back,
    my weight pressured solely on my heel,
    head turned up to the clouds, chin
    puncturing out it’s tears-
    I know now-
    that flattery lead you
    everywhere your feet
    wants to land.

  • Flattery turn away, five seconds
    the cooling period, you’re off
    before I’m able to grasp
    the situation.
    Now I’m on top of
    the accelerator on top of
    the metal on top of
    the asphalt rolling along
    like the golden age examples
    I tried to emulate.
    The most sincere form,
    I’ve failed to impress…

  • Maybe
    If  I was who you thought,
    Then I would love you,
    I would want to be gorgeous and
    oh so lovely,
    If I wasn’t so
    Tainted; then I would love youUnfortunately,
    I am not
    What you want me to be;
    And so for us,
    There can never be a maybe

  • Flattery overdone is false,
    insincere, lies;
    concealing the purpose
    of the tool used by a fool
    pulls the wool over his own eyes
    in an effort to disguise
    his darkness.Compliments bless
    not so flattery.

  • I’m not sure I like being able to tell who is real;
    differentiating between people who can and can’t feel.
    I see people falling for it constantly,
    although i’m sure they’d never believe me.
    When it comes down to me and flattery,
    it seems i’m the only person who can leave at peace;
    while others leave with their minds corrupt,
    I can’t be manipulated, and will never again slip up.

  • Loving darkness, pure is your kiss of death
    the sea on your lips, white are snow flakes.
    One is worth all being said I give to you,
    by the one true self- only worth to you I give all.Light of my life,
    twilight is this by my, being burned
    only by this burned by you.

    Someone else other than me,
    whom spent more of himself inside you.
    Once again by me,
    I have cleaved, being yoked only to you.

    This kiss of death it takes two, one I cleave.
    Worthy is one, worthy are two,
    Your true worth is determined by me.

  • You compliment my smile
    Say you love my hair
    Darlin’, flattery will get you everywhereYou said next to me
    no one can compare
    That flattery is getting you everywhere

    When I walk in a room
    you stop and stare
    Oh, flattery will get you everywhere

    You’re such a flirt
    Can’t believe you’d dare!
    My, flattery gets you everywhere

    My vulnerability
    is yours to snare
    and flattery gets you everywhere

    My brain just screams
    Girl, better beware
    He knows flattery gets him everywhere

    Here’s the thing
    I just don’t care
    I love it when you are everywhere

  • “It flattered her,where she was most susceptible of flattery,

    to think how, wound about in their hearts,

    however long they lived she would be woven…”

  • something there is that loves
    an arrow, or flattery like
    when the current
    or blaming mouths
    in mirrors to private
    discernment and alarmsengorge every room’s
    crease. you can’t hear
    how you sound

    and the voice in your
    head plus the ones that
    surge. nothing can muffle it,
    but everything shows up

    Notice first,
    groove in couch
    or tore up face.

    house no food
    and he show up
    on the third day,
    shut in and announcing.
    He shuffle some promise
    which is just enough
    to stave off
    an evening out
    taking cell pics
    of yourself and all

    those who meant so
    much, who you can no
    longer detect
    save for screen
    reflections and the outpost
    toilet scene because
    you agree with yourself
    that it must be a case
    of November.

  • I’m more then a conqueror
    Double up your bets
    Come and rumble with the decks
    I know you had that clown picked
    Mind blowin out cos L still sound sick
    You dream you was me
    I gleam lyrically
    I love ’em for it it’s the highest form of flattery
    Doin’ the buck 10 chrome skating on the battery
    My, clutch burnin’ on top of the world turnin’
    Rippers is just learnin by stacks I been earnin’
    I’m the uncle, hell, future of the funk
    Turn my joint up, find out why I’m different from all these chumps
    And tell your favourite rapper that I’m ready to dump
    For real cat, that represented rap from the jump