Boss Day Poems

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Boss Day Poems

  • Many employees choose to send a Boss’s Day gift instead when they want to say thank you but if you want to make it more personalized, the gift should also include a thank you poem to make known your sincere appreciation and support for your boss.

  • If Oscars were given to bosses I’d nominate you If Olympic medals were won by bosses Your Gold is overdue If Nobel Prizes were awarded to bosses You would have quite a few If Honorary degrees were granted to bosses You’d have some of them too Thank You Very Much Poems are given to bosses And this is mine to you.

  • You always give your best And inspire others to do likewise That you are appreciated Should come as no surprise Your kind of leadership skills Is a talent, that’s true… One that’s appreciated and valued It’s good working for, and with, you. Happy Boss’s Day

  • You communicate what I need to accomplish Your expectations, and what being great looks like This helps me succeed and my career flourish And feeds my inner motivations and psyche. Having you to talk to is important to me Sometimes I just need to vent It is comforting that you don’t get angry When I complain with good intent. It is nice to win, to succeed, to prevail In the face of Gibraltar sized barriers Thanks for ensuring we do not derail On the way to becoming performance leaders. A great boss knows all these things And makes team success a top priority You make a difference and improve work’s meaning

  • Being the one in charge Is definitely hard And is sometimes thankless Hence this card Those who work with you Wish to say Thank you mutely On Boss’s Day

  • Thank you for tolerating My occasional mistake And for the blind eye you turn When I dash in late Thank you for your guidance When the chips are down And for getting no angrier Than a somewhat stern frown Thank you, in anticipation, For a raise in my pay Which I richly deserve For sucking up to you in this overblown way Oh, and Boss Have a terrific Boss’s Day

  • You inspire us, encourage us And protect us from harm You know when to turn up the heat And when to stay calm You direct us and praise us And keep us on track Consider this message A hearty slap on the back We really appreciate All that you do and say This comes with big thanks To you, Boss, on your Boss’s Day.

  • We are a team and we love to perform We like to take storm by its horns We now know how to rock Because we are lucky to have you as our Boss

  • Each of us must pray for God’s protection. Prayer is powerful, and God will help those who humbly and persistently ask for his help, and are willing to work with Him taking the action necessary. And,just as we like to be thanked, God really appreciates it when we give him the credit, and thank him for all the gifts he gives us.