Health Poems

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Health Poems

  • I once heard the whisper of falling snow,
    saw a spark in the eye of a coal-black crow,
    felt the power and awe of a swift river’s flow,
    the older I get, the less I know.

    My hair was once braided in golden cornrows,
    by Jamaican friends in an island below,
    a psychic once asked me about Jericho,
    the older I get, the less I know.

    The hot southern asphalt that scalded my toe,
    the rope swing that swung us, to and fro,
    Christmas Eve and the tree in the firelight’s glow,
    the older I get, the less I know.

    Everyone’s gone, but where did they go?
    Why is my spirit sinking so low?
    Is it true we reap only what we sow?
    the older I get, the less I know.

  • She was at her window listening to the rain
    Mind just wandering, immersed in pain
    She was wondering if it was true that angels cry
    Each time they see a child die

    They took some tests but it was too late
    It was in an area they couldn’t operate
    She smiled at him and hid her fear
    They said at most another year

    How much pain can a mother endure?
    To look at her son and know there is no cure
    There are no words that can even start
    To soothe the pain in her broken heart

    The days and nights went quickly past
    The time had come he would breathe his last
    Her faith was put to the supreme test
    The day she laid her child to rest

    She is alone and prays each day
    The memory will forever stay
    Sometimes in her prayers she just asks why
    And she wonders if the angels cry.

  • We live in a world where sickness abounds,
    Sometimes stumping the best of providers.
    Symptoms and tests almost always expound,
    While the emotional costs grow wider.

    The travel and care and expenses we bare,
    In dollars and tears for a healing.
    Pale when compared, with the voluminous prayers,
    Our reverence and humility kneeling.

    Seeing through to the end, great strength we must take,
    And the position that attitude matters.
    A stiff upper lip and a smile sometimes fake,
    Anything less, and fragile hope easily shatters.

    Yet until we’re called home, to streets paved with gold,
    Or abodes filled with love and affection,
    Widely known in the hearts, of the young and the old,
    Laughter remains, life’s greatest healing medication!

  • Midnight. This white ward
    drifts softly through chalked moonbeams
    shifting walls argent to cream,
    sifting sterile halls.
    Full moon fingers reach within
    touching each silvered sheet-shroud.

    Jaded nurses drowse,
    vials drip crystalline hope
    elixirs into sick veins,
    bedside water jugs
    shimmer with ivory pearls,
    glimmer-gentle light soothes pain.

    Shades of frailty flit,
    whisperings of the once-well;
    escapees from harsh daylight’s
    hot taunts of the sun.
    Reality receding,
    moonlight kinder to dreaming.

    Caught between two worlds,
    health and no-way-out unhealth;
    fear smoothed by the balm of calm.
    Lustrous illusions,
    in this vault of dream we wait
    for morning’s impending fate.

  • Looking back on days gone by
    Sometimes it makes me want to cry
    With all the things that I’ve been through
    Sometimes I wonder if its really true
    The Doctor said it could happen to me
    Now my kidneys are broke & I can’t pee
    Without a dialysis machine to clean my blood
    To get rid of poisons & other crud
    Sometimes I feel like a prisoner of war
    With a torture of needles that make my arm sore
    As I dialyze three days a week
    With this diet, whats left for me to eat
    As I wish for a transplant just for me
    So again one day, I can pee
    With all the patients & the staff
    For all the times we will cross each others path
    A friendly reminder to recall
    A Happy Kidney Month to one & all

  • Soon, all this will be behind you.
    At first, you’ll look back briefly,
    truly understanding what a gift health is,
    how amazing it feels to be back to “normal.”
    Then you’ll forget…
    and resume skipping through a life
    filled with a kaleidoscope of blessings.

    Get well soon!

  • Get well real fast, my friend,
    That’s what I wish for you,
    For while you’re sick you’re deeply missed,
    So I am sad and blue.

    So have some pity on me,
    Don’t leave me in the dump.
    Return to health real soon, my friend,
    Or I will be a grump!

  • I am so sorry
    to hear that you are ill.
    Know that I am thinking of you often
    and praying for your quick recovery.
    Take it easy, rest,
    and be kind to yourself,
    and if there’s anything you need,
    call me first.
    I miss you, care about you
    and look forward to seeing you restored
    to perfect health.

  • Rich or not
    We all have got
    Chances in lifetime
    To live quite sublime

    More rich people become richer
    And the majority poor more poorer
    It’s not how much money brings boost
    But having enjoyed life not its cost

    Healthy body makes an active mind
    Once sick can’t make good things rewind
    Beware of taking too much of everything
    Good health is wealth and the best thing

  • Health is our most precious wealth, I hope you agree
    No doubt, health is the sweetest fruit of our life’s tree.
    Money is certainly important, and so is social prestige

    But it is a good health that is the source of a constant bliss.
    You may have the money to tour the world, but can’t if your health does not permit
    You can buy all the food of the world, but your bad health will not let you eat.
    You might have huge honor in the city, with everybody bowing before you

    But you will fail to enjoy it, if you regularly develop health problems new.
    In this way the bad health will always play a serious bar
    In the way of your enjoying what you have, wealth, house or car.

    On the other hand the good health is a source of constant happines
    That will automatically turn your life into one of charm, pleasure and grace.
    Take good care of your health, and develop a body that is sound and strong

    And ensure a life that is happy and charming, besides being long.