Father’s Day Gift Ideas Quotes

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Father's Day Gift Ideas Quotes

  • A cup of tea to say Thank You
    For all the things you’ve done
    And wishes that the day will bring
    You happiness and fun.
    Happy Father’s Day.
  • “Let this Father’s Day can be very special to you, every day you make a great effort to bring up our family, I am happy to be your wife and the mother of your children. Congratulations, my life.”
  • A small gift for you
    To always keep me fresh in every blue
    I don’t want to miss this golden chance
    To tell you how much I Love You
    Happy Father’s Day.
  • Daddy, I love you
    For all that you do.
    I’ll kiss you and hug you
    ‘Cause you love me, too.
    You feed me and need me
    To teach you to play,
    So smile ’cause I love you
    On this Father’s Day.
  • It was not until I had a child I did appreciate
    How hard it is to raise a child there is no lessons you can take
    But if I do the job half as good as you
    I will be very proud and I will follow what you do
    Today gives me the chance to tell you how I feel
    As a dad you are the best a dad who is surreal
  • A sweet coffee to say Thank You,
    For all memories which we have created,
    And for all occasions which we have shared,
    Thanks for always being there,
    Happy Father’s Day.