Barish I Rainy Day Poetry

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Barish I Rainy Day Poetry

  • Glory of the day, sound less and restrain.
    With dark clouds, and blessings of rains..Clouds on way, the splashing of drops,
    Cheers of birds, whispers of waves with fame ….Now soothing of rain, with rainbow’s name,
    Praising in a way, this is blessed in all ways.

  • Sunshine is delicious,
    Rain is refreshing,Wind braces us up,
    Snow is exhilarating;There is really no such thing as bad weather,
    Only different kinds of good weather.
    Have A Good Rainy Day.

  • The Rain Is A BlessingBut Can Cause Massive Loss For Many PeopleDo Enjoy The Rain But Don’t Forget The People Who Suffer

    The Least You Could Do Is To Pray For Them

    Please Remember Them ..

    Keep Enjoying

  • The rain may be falling hard outside,
    But your smile makes it all alright.I am so glad that you are my friend.
    I know our friendship will never end.If you wanna know how much I miss you,
    Try to catch rain drops,

    The ones you catch is how much you miss me,
    And the other you miss is how much I miss.

  • I feel so complete when I’m in the rain
    I feel no sorrow I feel no painI may give me a cold but I don’t care
    There’s a calming sensation from grass to airThe feeling of love I don’t have, I will gain
    Because my heart falls open as I stand in the rain.

  • Clouds, Unimpressed And Unafraid,
    Began To Rain On Their Parade.But People Just Below On Earth,
    Alarmed At Hot And Cold’s Great Mirth,Dropped Their Chores And Ran For Cover
    To Give Privacy To These Two Lovers.

    For Love, Although We Think It Warm,
    Can Be As Violent As A Storm.

  • It Is Nice
    When Someone Holds
    Umbrella For You In The RainButIt Is The Most Wonderful
    If Someone Holds Your Hand
    And Runs Crazily With You
    In The Rain.
    Happy Rainy Season

  • When Someone Holds
    Umbrella For You In The
    Rain …ButIt Is The Most Wonderful
    If Someone Holds Your Hand
    And Runs Crazily With You
    In The Rain

  • I Move In Close, With My Hands On Her Waist
    I Take It Slow, No Rush, No HasteThe Rain Slowly Falls And The Full Moon Shines
    She Slides Her Arms Around My Neck, And Says “Your Mine”

    The Rain Picks Up And It Soaks Our Hair
    But Our Eyes Are Focused, We Have No CaresI Whisper In Her Ear, “I Love You My Dear
    “You Will Always Be Smiling, You Have No Use For Tears”

  • Life is full of beauty.
    Notice it.
    Notice the bumble bee,the small child,
    and the smiling faces.
    Smell the rain,and feel the wind.
    Live your life to the fullest potential,
    and fight for your dreams.