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Religion Messages

  • GOD hAs puT y0u whEre y0u aRe For a rEason and has givEn y0u tHe abiLitiEs neEded to mAke a diffeRence.. Do y0uR besT and LEave a traiL tHat otHers cAn foLLow.
  • Look Alphabets are so intelligentlly arranged…
    “A”lways “B”e “C”ool, “D”on’t have “E” nemies, go with “F”riends, “G”ive up “H”urting “I”ncidences. “J”ust “K”eep “L”oving “M”ankind. “N”ever “O”mit “P”rayers. “Q”uietly “R”emember GOD. “S”peak the
    “T”ruth & “U”se “V”alid “W”ords to “X”press “Y”our “Z”eal.
  • Learn to write your HURT in the sand where the waves of forgiveness can wash them away easily..

    But carve your BLESSINGS in the rock so no one can wipe them away..

    Anchor your TRUST in God, He will BLESS you more each day.

  • Mistakes are teachers of life.
    Trials are molders of the strong.
    Defeats are coaches of the brave.
    Hope gives you chances.
    Trust builds your relationships.
    Love inspires your heart.
    And above all these,

    a half-naked man bleeding & nailed on a cross creates a beautiful YOU…

  • Not all FINGERS are of equal length but when they are bent, all appear equal.

    It reminds us to be flexible and considerate.

    Life is easier when we bend and adjust a little to support others.

    In the end, it will not be between you and them, it’ll be between you and God.