Friends Teasing Poetry

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Friends Teasing Poetry

  • Hands on the bed,
    claws ready,
    drooping shoulder,
    wonderful silhouette.

    Biting lips,
    folded in,
    blinds down,
    time for tease.

    Staring at me,
    heart beat,
    (in slow motion)
    come and please..

  • I know that you are
    Just teasing,
    And I will smile
    And laugh,
    And pretend it doesn’t hurt

    But honestly,
    It feels as though
    You just stabbed my heart
    With an ice cold

    So even though you are
    Just teasing
    And I will smile and laugh,
    I want you to know that
    Maintaining that smile
    Gets harder each day.

    So if you continue to tease,
    I give you fair warning,
    Soon there may be
    Nobody to tease.

  • Got a phone call early in the morning?
    Well, you’ve got to answer it, my darling
    Listen to the sweet voice that is singing
    But never surrender to that calling

    Got a message with a seductive pic?
    Well, you’ve got to read and view, don’t make me sick
    Don’t be afraid to watch and make a pick
    Unless you know yourself that you are weak

    Someone’s knocking behind the door
    Would you open or would you hear some more?
    Would you welcome or would you ignore
    An offering of good food from a neighbor?

    There are lots of teasing which come your way
    But never entertain them, that’s what I pray
    A tease is just a test if you can play
    Just play but do not fail, hear what I say.


  • Muzzling your lap
    with a faded head,
    I cross
    your heart
    with a
    trailing hand,
    the hashtag
    Please don’t
    Sorry for
    the tradesman
    I didn’t mean
    to mislead you.
    But I missed
    leading you.

  • I tease you to make things exciting.
    I tease you so everything seems more relaxing.
    I tease you to make you laugh.
    I tease you when life’s getting rough.
    But sometimes,
    I tease you to expose my wickedness.
    I tease you to show my sweetness.
    I tease you to get your attention.
    I tease you to give words to my affection.
    If I crossed the lines,
    What will happen if I stop teasing you?
    Should I just do tricks like peek-a-boo?

  • Do you want something from me?
    You can make a written apology
    or you accept me as you know me,
    for this love is free, as it should be.
    Unless of course you want to pay me?
    As men charge more than women for
    the same service of sensuality, you see.
    If all you wanted is carnal pleasure?
    I still have a bed, I can arrange that
    ‘easily’, “sex” is all, it’s going to be,
    no    favoritism,  no    money.
    Isn’t  that    why  you  have
    persistently teased me?
    All  you  get  is  me!
    And the pleasure
    of what you
    can’t see.

  • A tease, a tease,
    oh how I am a tease,
    for I write poems of which
    you shall never ever read!

    I eke, I eke,
    these thoughts with blood as ink,
    on gasping pages drowning
    in the anguish that I bleed!

    I speak, I speak,
    of demons I’ve yet freed,
    solely expelled for exorcise,
    whose omens I must take heed!

    I tease, I tease,
    I do not aim to please,
    for I write poems of which
    you shall never ever read!

  • You tease
    As a maze
    A shooting star glimpsed
    From the corner of your

    You tease
    As a fountain filled with
    Pennies and dreams
    Fulfill my secret

    You tease
    As a clear sky that
    Soon turns to a sudden
    Rain, soothes my

    You tease
    As a mirage
    That promises grandeur
    In the parched sands of
    My desert

    Oh you tease

  • Light touches
    On my skin
    Dancing game
    Like candle flame
    Kisses and whispers
    Tangled hands
    Love, love and dreams
    Slow walk on paved path
    Hoping odd stones
    Avoiding cracks
    In the narrow old street
    A thousand year old wind
    Tease a milion year old sea
    Just as you tease me.

  • What have we here
    Another soulful soul sold
    Given away
    Itself to a mindless tease
    Driven with pointless nails
    Over the edge
    How can one be so foolish?
    Enjoying the worthless deed
    To a life of boiled coals
    What am I to be
    Maybe you