Cloth Bag and Other Changes To Have Daily Life More Sustainable

With a few changes, you can make your routine more sustainable and even save money!

Minor changes and replacements in our day to day life can reduce the environmental impact of our activities and even help save a buck. If you want to replace plastic bags and reduce your waste volume improving your relationship with the environment, follow our quick tips below!

Cloth Bag

Opt for packaging in different materials

Today, the products are available in several types of packaging. If you are unable to purchase the goods in bulk, look for options stored in packages and boxes with lower environmental impact. Aluminum cans, for example, have a shorter degradation time. Glass can be reused for the production of jams, storage of spices, among other uses. Avoid styrofoam trays and plastic sacks to store vegetables.

Replace plastic bags with cloth bags

Some countries have passed laws prohibiting the distribution of plastic bags in supermarkets, but many people still have questions about what to use to dispose of the garbage.

At the supermarket, the tip is easy: just take your returnable bag! Remember that it is no use replacing plastic bags with cloth bags and buying new ones every time you go shopping. So make it a habit to always walk with a Calico bag (ถุงผ้าดิบ, which is the term in Thai).

Avoid buying bottled water

In San Francisco, California, it is already forbidden to market bottled water. Produced in PET, they have a great environmental impact on the planet, not only because they are easy to dispose of, but also because of the number of natural resources consumed.

Avoid plastic straws

Plastic straws have gained the spotlight in the environmental debate this year after the release of the National Geographic magazine cover. They are very light, the straws end up being dragged into the ocean and are accidentally ingested by animals. So, avoid it!