Care Messages

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Care Messages

  • Every time I say how are you?
    my heart says, I care for you..Every time I ask how have you been?
    my heart whispers, I miss you

  • Care should be in heart
    and not in words… !Anger should be in words
    and not in heart

  • Take care of your thoughts
    when you are alone,
    Take care of your words
    when you are with peoples.

  • All mornings are like Paintings:-
    You need a little inspiration to get going,
    a little smile to brighten up
    & An SMS from someone who cares to color your day…

  • My Care Will Be
    In The Heart,
    Not In Words..
    My Anger Will Be
    In Words,
    Not In The Heart !!

  • Simple Bye makes us cry,
    Simple joke makes us Laugh,
    Simple care makes us fall in Love,
    Simple Touch makes us feel better,
    But I hope my simple MSG makes you smile!

  • Everyone Shows More Love & Care
    In The Beginning Of Any Relationship
    No One Maintains It Till The Last

  • Being near is not always the meaning of being dear…
    I may be far from you,
    But my massages are bridges to make you feel
    That I Always With You.
    Take Care!

  • Relationship doesn’t get closer by meetings,
    but it is sweetend by thoughts.
    I care for you in my own strange ways.
    Maybe you will never know, maybe! I will never show..

  • Caring about someone is a heartfelt feel,
    I care about you are not just simple words,
    It comes from heart to say you are taken much care of,
    Take care of yourself!